Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Male W&L Student Expelled In "Gray Rape" Case Can Sue The School

   As derangement about rape spins completely out of control on the left, we get this. This is like a paradigm of what's wrong with campus rape crisis hysteria. Start with yet another shady, dangerous concept obviously intended to yet again expand the boundaries of what gets counted as rape ("gray rape"). Add some jealousy, irrationality, and vindictiveness. Add to that the rape crisis complex, including counselors steeped in rape crisis ideology. Top with administrators who are not only petty functionaries mindlessly devoted to going along with the prevailing insanity as the path of least resistance for the institution...but also often true believers in the prevailing madness themselves... The result is downright kafkaesque
   This radical, irrational lunacy cannot flourish without support--or at least indifference--from liberals, especially campus liberals. This is, in fact, entirely a creation of the left. There's no way to pin this one on conservatives. Sadly, liberals are no better at criticizing the left than conservatives are at criticizing the right. And, as in the early stages of PC Wars Episode I: The Farce Awakens, liberals seems to still be averting their eyes and mumbling excuses for these lunatics. And that has to stop.


Blogger The Mystic said...

Are there actually any eye-averters mumbling? It seems to me like this is one of those cases where there are rabid dogmatists in support and rational folks dismissing it as BS (but perhaps not...I dunno...screaming loudly enough?). I've seen a good amount of solid, seemingly prominent articles rebuffing the rape crisis ideology with sound statistics and plain, simple facts, including those to which you yourself have linked.

But since that has little effect, I'm actually kinda thinking this whole rape crisis hysteria will meet its demise when its consequences are utterly destroyed in court. It seems to me we have tons of solid legal precedent for rejecting the dangerous theoretical elements making their way into university policies (i.e. "gray rape") which are never otherwise subjected to actual scrutiny.

The adversarial court system, for all its demerits, will probably result in this stuff being completely torn apart in a piranha-like legal feeding frenzy.

I still don't understand why universities are involved in this stuff at all. Don't we have a legal system for adults who accuse one another of misdeeds? Seems like we do...

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