Thursday, March 19, 2015

Recent GOP Thoughts About Women ("A Lesser Cut Of Meat," "The Child's Host," etc.)

   So ****ing much facepalm
   Bonus "real men" stuff to boot!
   Though, to be fair, our research staff here at the institute has informed me that Corbin did not actually say that women are a "lesser cut of meat."
   Whew! Because---haha--I mean..that would be totally crazy! Like...throwing-feces-at-the-nice orderlies crazy...
   He actually said that women are made from a lesser cut of meat (i.e. Adam's rib (It's an ancient fable, in case you're unfamiliar...)). So--again: ha ha!--as you can see, this has been blown completely out of proportion!
  The asshat at issue has also opined that women have no place in the SC legislature, belonging, instead, "at home making cookies" or...are you ready for an oldie but a goodie? Here it is...a blast from the past...and I past...: "barefoot and pregnant."
   I am not going to say anything else about this because I cannot think of anything to say that does not contain a large number of curse words.
   There's other stuff from other Cretaceous cretins in there too if you're not too worried about your blood pressure...


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