Saturday, March 14, 2015

Carolina 71 - Virginia 67 !!!!!!!!!

   What a game!
   That's the best I think I've seen Carolina play all year. Finally all the parts seemed to come together.
   Granted, Anderson isn't healthy, and it's a different game if he is. He was so banged up that I was actually surprised to see him playing. If he's healthy...well...lucky for us that he wasn't...
   (Incidentally, one of my favorite bits of the game came around the 4:30 mark when Brice flew out of bounds and crashed into the seats Anderson immediately followed him right on out of bounds to help him up. Good kid. I like to see that kind of sportsmanship.)
   Incidentally: cat-dang d00k... When you want 'em to lose, they win, and when you finally want 'em to win they lose... Wanted another shot at 'em...but no such luck... Instead it'll be the Irish...
   Playing against Notre Dame in the the ACC tournament...strange days indeed...


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