Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The "Open Letter" To The Iranian Government: Idiotic Even By Contemporary GOP Standards

   There is so much facepalm in that thing that I don't even know where to begin...
   But Fred Kaplan does.
   This massively moronic missive should really be titled An Open Letter To Barack Obama In The Guise Of An Open Letter To Iran. As usual, and as Kaplan notes, the primary goal here is to count coup against Obama. Once again let me note: the contemporary GOP is deranged. They have lost their shit. They are nuts.
   As Kaplan points out, the letter is a fairly clear indication that the GOP is "utterly unsuited for national leadership." As if we needed more evidence of this...
   It's as if a bunch of College Republicans took hold of the helm of the GOP...which is, come to think of it, probably exactly what happened...
   And the cherry on top of the whole thing is that it appears to be illegal (18 U.S. Code section 953)...


Blogger tehr0x0r said...

Well, they are insane, no doubts there, but keep in mind, 18 USC 953 has been the law for over 100 years, never been a single conviction. In any case, at best this was a rather sophomoric action by the GOP and at worst its an unconstitutional action, the President, not the Senate, is empowered to conduct international relations, the Senate's power is limited to advice and consent on treaties.

This is not leadership. To disagree with things like the ACA or current spending policies is perfectly OK, but what is going on in the Republican party is simply a continual appeal to the dumbest among us who simply hate President Obama for any one of the stupid reasons that many people hate him for and an attempt to scare people. If the Republicans had any actual ideas I would probably vote with them, but this just continues to show the only idea they have is if President Obama is for it, we are against it. That's no way to run an opposition party.

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