Thursday, November 15, 2012

Impeachment Fever--Catch It!

So, as I've noted, JQ has taken to watching Fox "News" for entertainment purposes.

It was all Benghazi all the time until Petraeus stole the spotlight...

And then we started to get dark omens of a Grand Unified Theory uniting the Benghazi non-scandal with the Petraeus non-scandal...

We already know that necessarily no Democratic president is legitimate...and we know what lengths they went to to undermine Bill Clinton...

I'm rather surprised there was no serious attempt at impeachment in Obama's first term...but my money is on some kind of earnest effort by the GOP in the second term. I'm going to say there's about a 50/50 chance that they'll go for it.

(If they do, of course, we need to be out in the streets in D.C. demanding the resignation of whoever the ring leaders turn out to be. This shit needed to be stopped a long time ago, and we should make it absolutely clear that won't put up with it again.)


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