Sunday, August 19, 2012

Republicans Attempt to Steal 2012 Election: Florida

Next chapter in the GOP's efforts to preemptively steal the 2012 election. (At the WaPo.)

Liberals cannot keep quiet on this issue, and cannot wait until after the election to fight against this. If the election is stolen, we will never be able to set it right nor take it back. The GOP showed a willingness to steal the election in FL in 2000. Though most ways of recounting the ballots indicate that they eventually won legitimately, they tried to steal it, and were aided by their allies on the Supreme Court. The terrible reasoning in Bush v. Gore for the proposition that different counties cannot recount votes in different (reasonable) ways should--now that it is the law of the land--prevent different counties from holding different hours at the polls. Of course, now that forcing all counties to have the same rules is against the interests of the GOP, they're opposed to such uniformity.

The crucial points here, of course, are these:

1. There is no voter fraud in the U.S., especially no in-person voter fraud, and not in Presidential elections.

2. The GOP's intention is to disenfranchise Democratic voters.

Every person, Democrat and Republican (and otherwise) who genuinely cares about democracy in the U.S. needs to fight these efforts.


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