Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney Campaign Lies: More Dishonest Than Typical Political BS

That Mittens, he sure does lie a lot, don't he?

The Romney campaign clearly knows that their charge that Obama has ended the welfare work requirement is false. It's been pointed out to them that it's false. Then they made an ad about it. Then people again mentioned how it was, y'know, false. And it got 4 Pinocchios.

So what do R-Money and co. do then?

They make a second ad, repeating the same lie.

Bouie calls this ad 'false'...but the technical philosophical term for something known to be false but asserted anyway is 'lie.'

Romney really has moved away from the ordinary types of dishonesty we've all come to expect from political campaigns, and toward a more devout commitment to flat-out lying about anything if he thinks there's some advantage to be gained.

* Sadly, the Obama camp blew it in their response to Romney's lies, saying that Romney himself had asked for the waivers that other GOP governors had asked for, thus garnering 3 completely unnecessary Pinocchios of their own. No need for that, Obama campaign...the truth is on your side...


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