Thursday, August 09, 2012

Romney Taps Gingrich to Lie About Ad Lying About Obama and Welfare Reform

link (via Sully)

Anderson Cooper does a pretty good job of holding Newt's feet to the fire on this one, and has the guts to point out, repeatedly and also in closing, that what Gingrich and the Romney camp are saying is false.

My favorite part goes a little something like this:

AC: So, you're admitting that the ad is false, and that Obama has not eliminated the work requirement
NG: Well, remember that this came in the same week as Obama's "you didn't build it" claim

Shorter Newtens: well, a different lie we're telling buttresses this lie and builds a coherent, though false, picture of Obama as someone who hates industry and loves laziness.

Man, that Newt...guess his pants are on fire in more ways than one...

I believe the great Violent Femmes have a little something to say about this...


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