Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Romney Unleashed...and "Unhinged"...

You've probably already seen the Washington Post story about the even uglier turn R-money's campaign has taken. Of course we're told that it's the campaign in general...both sides do it, etc. etc...

Now, the Priorities USA ad that the Post cites as angering Romney is open to criticism at the least, and I certainly wish that the blue team would be more scrupulous about sticking to the facts.

The red team, however, as has become their M.O., is off the charts, crazy and mendacious. After four years of non-stop, uncut Obama hatred pouring from the right, we get Mr. Romney decrying Obama's "angry" campaign. After something like 20 years of the GOP desperately fanning the flames of divisiveness, Romney accuses Obama of being desperate and divisive. Frantically trying to shred the country and then cobble together 51% of the vote, Romney, projecting, accuses Obama of that very thing--Obama, who has bent over backwards to reach across the aisle, and who is still paying the price for his efforts.

One particularly amusing Romney line: "...take your campaign of division...back to Chicago..."


Very nice. You people from Michigan...always trying to divide the states against each other...

As many are now noting (see Maddow's and Benene's recent bits, though I'm in too big a hurry to link), Romney has turned out to be no ordinary political liar. He is, rather, a particularly enthusiastic and devoted liar.Obama functionary Ben LaBolt has, accurately, described Romney's comments as "unhinged"--a word which (along with "deranged") I've found increasingly applicable to the American right.

I spent several hours of a recent hike with the mighty Armenius trying to convince him that Romney wouldn't be so bad as a President. The same thing I tried to convince many people of about McCain (pre-Palin).

I now think I was entirely wrong about that, and now plan to give more time and money--neither of which I can afford--to the blue team. I think it is absolutely crucial to continue beating the GOP, and to do so until they abandon their recent strategy of trying to win by cranking the crazy up to eleven, and move back toward the (roughly) reasonable center.


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