Friday, December 04, 2020

American High Schools Go Woke

Kids are being indoctrinated into the cult.
DeVos is great. She is--she was--our best chance to save public education. She may be the best chance we ever have--ever had. Appointing her was, perhaps, Trump's greatest achievement. The rest of the cultish insanity that's destroying the country is--in some sense / to some degree--downstream from education...
   But we blew it. 
   I don't even know who Biden is considering for Secretary of Education. Undoubtedly we'll go from a genuinely great one to a godawful one. If we get even a mediocre one, I'll be ecstatic. But you know as well as I do that that isn't going to happen. Instead of DeVos, who was genuinely bringing sanity to Ed, we're going to get a cultist. Ed schools, in case you somehow didn't realize it, are one of the epicenters of the madness. Leftist indoctrination--formerly a sort of freelance endeavor--is, more and more, being institutionalized. 
   The right has it's problems--lord, does it. But at least it doesn't systematically take over every single one of our institutions and turn them to insane and evil purposes.


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