Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Dominion Defends Itself

   To be clear, I think it's pretty clear there were (was?) widespread shenanigans--mass vote-by-mail schemes are shenanigans in and of themselves, IMO. But I don't believe the election was stolen. Obviously there's prima facie evidence that it was...but there are other explanations, which I expect to more-or-less pan out. The Dems engineered a chaotic election, trading accuracy and security for more Democratic votes. The chaos is a feature, not a bug. The more wiggle room there is, the more influence Democratic operatives (e.g. poll-workers and vote-counters) have. The left's general strategy, so far as I can tell, is to sow disruption and then cheat in the official response. E.g.: allow leftist mobs to rampage through cities...and bring down the fist of the law on anyone who opposes them. This is merely a particular application of the Dems' general tactic: never let a crisis go to waste. (Though they've now begun manufacturing the crises, too...)
   Mostly what I care about is having thorough investigations. The Dems are so loony that there's no doubt that four years of them will be a serious blow--a series of serious blows--to the nation. But that's the system. Tribal allegiance, media propaganda, widespread low-information-ness among voters, Trump's dumbassery/trumpiness--including his repeated shooting of himself in the ass while hogging the spotlight during the COVID pressers--and political correctness seem to have convinced half the country that it'll be better for the operatives of the cult to put 'er in high gear and steer straight for the cliff. So, barring something akin to a miracle, all there really is to do is...well...I'm not sure, actually. Hold on to your hats, don't believe the cultist cant, give money to the Pubs, I guess, so long as they're the less-nutty of the options... Try to talk reason to those with ears to hear. Dunno, man. Trump would have won in a landslide without COVID...we don't want something else like that, obviously. But focusing on it helps me not get too down on the country. Most people have no idea what's going on. Something bad happened, so they voted out the guy who was in office when it happened. Sadly, they voted in the cult. Biden doesn't have the cognitive horsepower to see how crazy the blues have gone, but at least he's less enthusiastically pro-cult than the other blue options. 


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