Monday, August 31, 2020

Either The Riots Are (a) Progressive, Therefore Good, or (b) Trumpian, Therefore Bad

Via Insty:

This Is Why I'm Skeptical About the TEST EVERYBODY Strategy

Low actual rate of infections + high percentage of false positives.

I kinda figured this was why the administration wasn't so keen on this strategy...but they could have said sao.

Biden's Overall Lead In The RCP National Average Down To 6.2%

C'mon, can do this.

Today's Stupidets Op-Ed Ever: Joel Mathis: "To Stop Political Violence, Support Peaceful Protests"

 Imagine writing something this stupid...

First: "support peaceful protests" is ambiguous as between:

[a] Support peaceful protests as opposed to violent ones


[b] Support the content/causes of peaceful protests.

Guess which one Joel means?

So his not-quite-stated argument seems to be:

If somebody peacefully protests something, you'd better do as you're told and support their cause...otherwise we they will be forced to get violent...and you don't want that, do you? I mean, it's a nice little town you got here...wouldn't want anything to happen to it...

You see, it's conservatives' faults for failing to mindlessly support the biggest hate-crime hoax of all time, Black Lives Matter. We refused to mindlessly parrot the slogans, bend the knee, and believe the false predicate of the the protestors had to get violent. I mean, what choice did they have? They told us what we had to believe and do, and we didn't comply. The violence is really on us when you think about it.

Confessions Of A Vote Fraudster

 I have been willing to accept the left's arguments that voter fraud is rare...but the Dems' massive push to strip away protections and push the nutty vote-by-male scheme have made me very suspicious. Northam actually repealed our voter ID law. I might even be able to see someone opposing the passage of the law--maybe...sort of--but going so far as to destroy protections already in place...extremely fishy to say the least. As for him declaring election day a state holiday: not a damn thing wrong with that, of course.

Anyway: if this story is for real, it tears it.

Well, As I've Said Before, Women Are Always The Left's Last Priority

 Except for straight white dudes--but they don't count, obviously.


Even men pretending to be women are above women in the left's victim hierarchy... So, apparently, do rapists--if they're black, anyway.

Of course, once again, the progressive-left media got a false account of the Jacob Blake incident out there immediately. And once that's out there, it'll stay. In part because progressives want it to be true, so they'll cling to it. In part because low-information types will have heard the first version that was blared everywhere, but not the true version that was mumbled on page B-32.

Weirdly women are, apparently, strangely susceptible to the spell cast by the left. You'd think they'd wise up after getting the shit end of the stick so often.

California Descends Even Further Into Lunacy

Is "Direct Instruction" The Best Teaching Method We Have?

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Beirut Port Blast Death Toll Rises To 190

 I thought it would be 10 times that many.

190 is awful, but I can't help being relieved. 

Da Bee: Leftists Fight Fascism By Marching Through The Streets And Forcing Everyone To Perform Their Special Salute

 Oh, Bee...

Chadwick Boseman On Purpose

 I don't want to jump on the bandwagon, but I was sorry to hear about his death, and I think this is absolutely great:

Skidmore Students Demand Firing Of Pro-Police Professors...Plus A Bunch Of Other Stupid Shit


Jesus, these people.

Peterson and CRT At Sandia: Yet Again, Free Speech Is "Violence"

 Why do people put up with this insanity?:

By the afternoon, executives were panicking about the brewing rebellion, placed Peterson on paid administrative leave, and established a "security review board" to "evaluate whether [his] actions have comprised or posed a threat to Sandia computing and security systems."

Anyone who dares point out that the emperor has no clothes is accused not only of racism, but of violence. Speaking out against brainwashing makes you a security threat. 

The Return Of "Only One POSSIBLE Explanation"....

I can't tell you how many blue-team folks said to me, during the Mueller investigation, that Trump being a Rooskie "asset" was the only possible explanation of the evidence...

Your Blue Future: No Police ==> Mob Rule

 I hope the RNC runs this ad everywhere nonstop:

"Anti-Racism" and "White Privilege" "Training" Is Actually Leftist Indoctrination

 Casey Peterson is a hero.

First, critical race theory is utter bullshit.

Second, it's completely unproven--in fact, it'd be better to call it disproven--bullshit. It's pseudoscientific, pseudophilosophical nonsense. I don't think I know more than small handful of philosophers I respect who think the stuff is important and true.

Third, the left-wing/corporatist alliance hit on the idea, about six or seven years ago, of calling things "training" when they want to exempt them from criticism and pretend they are factual. Being "trained" in CRT is like being "trained" in Christianity or Scientology or Marxism. It's indoctrination. You can be trained in Windows 10. Or in conflict resolution. But not in religious or political ideology. That's brainwashing. We can have a discussion of CRT if you like--I can explain to you why it's idiotic bullshit. But it's not the kind of uncontroversial, here's-how-you-do-it task you can be trained in--again, unless you mean: indoctrinated.

It's astonishing to me how effective the crackpot left's transparent little verbal ploys have been.

At any we all need to create massive blowback against any organization that tries to push this bullshit.

Lyin' Biden Campaign Again Lies About Trump and C-ville

 These people live in a web of lies and delusions.

They only tepidly criticized the massive wave of leftist riots when they started going down in the polls. Trump immediately and unequivocally criticized the Unite the Right Protesters.

Your Blue Future: More Portland Rioting, Trump Supporter Killed In Drive-By Shooting

If this is what you want for the nation, you know what to do.
Violence--including mass violence--against Trump supporters has been carried out since well before the election of 2016. It just doesn't get covered in the MSM.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Comply With The Cops And You Won't Get Shot


Totally white supremacyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Look, I'm a guy who basically refuses to comply with anything I'm told to do. I'm certainly not saying that complying is always right. I'm more likely than most people to refuse to comply with the cops if they piss me off... But the left is promoting a massive lie--that the cops are just mowing down black men in the streets for no reason. More than a few black progressives argue that they live in fear, that they never know when the police will just up and murder them, that every time they leave the house they have to wonder whether they'll return. Those things are simply untrue. In all but a few extremely rare cases, you'd basically have to try to get killed by the cops.

BLM and the progressive left are promoting a massive, destructive lie.

Kyle Rittenhouse's Legal Defense; He's Innocent...But There Will Be Riots When He's Acquitted


> 70% Of Seattle Rioters Arrested For Serious Crimes From Elsewhere

 I expect this information was released in part because most suspects are not black and not "allies," as we're informed.

More importantly: I was really wrong about this one. I thought these claims about "outside agitators" were bullshit.

Shows what the hell I know.

Kenosha Professional Police Association Releases Details Of Jacob Blake Shooting

The lying liars got the city burned down on the basis of their lies.

NPR: Also A Lying Sack Of Shit: Cut Its Funding

 I don't understand why the remnants of American liberalism aren't furious about this sort of thing.

The real travesty, of course, is that Trump had two scoops of ice cream once.

Jean Guerrero: Possibly The Stupidest, Most Dishonest Op-Ed Ever Written: "Stephen Miller's Dystopian America"

The subtitle, if you can believe it:
"Language is a tool for shaping minds, and Miller knows how to weaponize it."

   Imagine a leftist writing that sentence with a straight face--the faction that has basically devoted itself to the realization of Newspeak... I don't mean to commit a tu quoque...Miller could do it, too...but nothing this moron says shows that. Basically, Miller is just describing the problem. He may be wrong, but there's no hint of Newspeak about it.
   Also LOL "antiracist allies" the very midst of complaining basically that conservatives have accurately described the progressive project, Guerrero deploys exactly the kind of Newspeak he accuses them of. Calling mob rule "mob rule" is somehow reprehensible...but calling the anarcho-communist mobs "anti-racist protesters" is just fine. 
   And make no mistake about it--Miller seems to be describing the views of the vanguard of the left pretty accurately. If you are at all familiar with their views, it's virtually impossible to miss the racism in them--antiwhite racism in particular...but also anti-Asian racism and anti-Semitism. You, like most people, are likely cowed, to at least some degree, and hesitant to even mention anti-white racism...I don't blame you. But it's easier to mention the other two.
   What Miller's actual views are is unclear. I have no commitment to him. If he's racist--which I doubt--I'll be happy to condemn him. But Guerrero doesn't actually try to discern Miller's actual views--he just pretends that somehow the language in Camp of the Saints, a work of science fiction Miller has recommended, gives us an accurate picture of them. 
   Incidentally, I decided to read Camp of the Saints to see whether it was being accurately represented by the left. It is, in fact, a well-regarded work of science fiction. Amazon has shown the Kindle version as unavailable--allegedly because it's being checked for accuracy--for about a year now. Hard copies are unavailable for less than hundreds of dollars... Interesting.
   Anyone who disagrees with progressives is called a racist. Anyone who favors stricter controls on immigration is called a racist. Anyone who supports Trump is called a racist. Anyone the left wants to injure or weaken is called a racist. So this accusation is overdetermined in Miller's case. But in no case should you give any weight whatsoever to such accusations from the left. Look into it yourself, find an objective source, whatever. But give not one bit of weight to the progressive left's accusations.
   Guerrero lies, among other things, about crime statistics, falsely claiming that "misleading statistics characterizing people of color as more prone to violence." Actually, unpleasant as it may be to believe, some nonwhite croups are. But progressivism is built on political correctness, and political correctness is the subordination of facts to dogma. In fact, to care about the truth even a bit is politically incorrect--since such a commitment suggests that something other than political correctness might count in favor of a belief...and that idea is the very height of political incorrectness.
   And, contra Guerrero: the riots have nothing to do with "white supremacism." Actual white supremacism--Arian Nation, Atomwaffen Division, Aryan Brotherhood, the various surviving mini-Klans...that's a problem I often urge people not to forget about...but it's way, way down the list of currently-pressing problems. Some of them will snap at some point--it's a periodic occurrence. But right now we need to be worrying about the (largely actually racist) leftist totalitarians--like, apparently, Guerrero--who post the currently-most-significant threat to the country.

Jacob Blake Is A Rapist Who Had Just Raped His Ex-GF...Yet Again...Before The Police Attempted To Arrest Him

[And violated a restraining order]

Which is to say that--yet again--the media lied so as to make a violent, black criminal resisting arrest into an innocent victim of police "brutality."

How many times can they possibly get away with this? 

It happens every single time.

It's gotten to a point at which I never believe the media accounts of such events, and in every case know that I have to wait until the truth comes trickling out, usually discovered by conservative journalists. 

In effect, the media burned down Kenosha by fabricating a lie that might as well have been calculated to create mob violence. 

Somebody...for the love of God...explain to me how it is that progressives have so locked themselves up in such a web of lies and delusions! I simply don't understand how anyone can be this immune to the facts! I understand the power of tribalism and religious belief...but at some point the impingement of the facts becomes irresistible! 

Well, calming down a bit...of course one important factor is the weaponization of false accusations of racism. People are terrified of them...progressives especially. That's an almost unbelievably powerful tool for keeping the faithful in line.

Also: yes, I realize that what Blake did this time was not technically rape, but "merely" sexual assault...but I'm not in a mood to be scrupulous about such distinctions.

Harris: Rioters "Not Going To Stop"--and "Should Not" [Stop]; And [Progressives/Dems] "Should Not" [Stop]


The progressive / Democratic establishment is in favor of the riots.

The theories and principles they've been pushing for the past 30 years--and especially the last ten--entail that the riots are good. 

If they were against them, they'd have said so--and said so frequently, enthusiastically, immediately...and before they were pressured to by falling poll numbers and leftist personalities. 

Don't vote for a party that grudgingly mouths the words "riots are bad" only grudgingly and in order to get elected. Because that party, as I shouldn't have to tell you, does not, in fact, believe that riots are bad.

Progressives and Dems are promoting the riots--e.g. by supporting false media "narratives" about police and white violence against blacks. The riots are a tool / means for achieving what they want--cowing non-progressives into compliance. But progressives also think that the riots are good in themselves. They are just punishment for slavery, "white supremacy," "what privilege," and electing Trump. 

Did Biogen Conference Lead To 20k COVID-19 Cases?

 Sounds that way.

Question: Why Has This Horrific Interracial Double Murder Not Received National Attention?

 Second question: what if the races were reversed?

Is there any chance--any chance whatsoever--that it would go unreported if a white man had rear-ended a black man and his daughter-in-law, then basically executed them with shots to the head?

The media seizes on and exaggerates incidents of cop-on-black and white-on-black violence. They ignore or radically downplay incidents in which the violence goes in the other direction. 

We are all complicit. Those on the left keep themselves willfully ignorant of this. And most of those on right and in the center recognize this but are afraid to say it--because there is a 100% chance that anyone who speaks this particular truth will be branded a racist.

Your Blue Future: Pantyfa Psychopaths Harass And Attack People Leaving White House RNC Event

 These people are insane, and they are the point of the blue spear.

The grotesquely unhinged girl in the sock-cap/mask is basically the personification of the progressive left.

Honestly, how can these people live with themselves? If I ever acted like that--which is virtually inconceivable--I'd probably jump off a bridge. They are insane, and utterly without honor, self-respect, or any commitment to any liberal or American value. Or, for that matter, any admirable quality whatsoever. These are the spiritual successors to the university students Lenin used to murder the Kulaks. 

Imagine what sort of person uses the thin veil of the words "antiracism" and "black lives matter" to cover their totalitarian acts? 

But, for that matter:

What should we say about a country that has allowed itself to be cowed by an insane cult, simply because they intone those same hollow words?

They attack in mobs, act like insane people...because, well, they're basically insane...and cavort around threatening until they decide it's safe enough to attack. They rely on greatly outnumbering and out-fucking-crazying their victims...and on the fact that everyone knows that, virtually no matter what they do, they won't be punished for it--whereas, should their victims preemptively attack or even merely respond in self-defense, they're likely to be prosecuted by blue-state prosecutors.

As I've said before: some insanity is a wetware issue...but insanity can be emulated by software, too. These people have programmed themselves to be insane.

Trump's Odds Of Winning Rise To 50-50

 ...for the first time in nearly 100 days.

Beats where we were two months ago...but it's hard to be happy about a "mere" 50% chance that the USA will be hit by comet Harris-Biden...

Your Blue Future: Anti-Gay Assault By BLM-Supporters Against Brandon Straka


Of course its use of women as skirmishers is one of the innovations of the honor-less left. It's a free way to get hits in on your targets, because they usually won't fight back.

Genuinely disgusting people. 

Government And Corporate Mandatory Leftist / Critical-Race-Theory Indoctrination

You can now be forced by the government (or your company) to submit to left-wing extremist, critical-race-theory indoctrination.

In case you don't realize: CRT is not proven in any way, nor is it even accepted by the majority of sane philosophers. It's a fringe theory in philosophy, only really accepted by "continental" philosophers, who are highly-politicized, and almost always on the hard left.


RCP: Biden's Lead In Top Battlegrounds Down To 2.7%

 It's ridiculous to look at this so frequently. 

But when you think the survival of the United States depends on it, it's hard not to obsess.

NPR "In Defense Of Looting," Or: Vicky Osterweil May Be The Stupidest Person In The World

Just one more reason public funding for NPR.
The fact that it makes exactly no effort at all to be objective is one thing. 
More importantly, though: it's just really stupid, and I don't thing public money should be used to fill the air with dumbassery.
And this guy's arguments, in particular, are just stupid as hell. I have to wonder whether it might actually be a parody. On the one had, it's rather hard to believe he's serious...on the other...well...I guess these arguments are about par for the course for the contemporary left.
Much of the problem, as I've said, is that a kind of corrupt pseudo-philosophy that's a mixture of some of the dumbest ideas of the last fifty years has taken over the humanities and qualitative social sciences, and those are the disciplines that produce the people who man the grievance industry etc. At the core of this nonsense are a bunch of bad theories of reasoning. And once bad methods of reasoning are adopted, they just keep pumping out more and more bullshit.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Your Blue Future

 Man gets assaulted by mob in D.C.

This is the future progressives want for you. And they don't just want it, they're working diligently for it.

The March On Washington

 But voting in person would be dangerous

The Blue Team Blackshirts


Most Disagree With BIden's False Memory Of Trump's Charlottesville Remarks


He's lying...

But it might be better to use the opportunity to raise the cognitive issue as one horn of a dilemma: he's either lying...or worse...he actually believes it because he's losing his marbles.

Though cognitive decline wouldn't explain Harris's accepting it...nor so much of the blue team generally...


I was against the Pubs hitting him hard on the dementia front...but, given how insane and terrible the Dems have become, now I say: pull out all the stops. Just wreck 'em. 

Biden Down To +3 In RCP's Top Battlegrounds

And +7.1 overall.

There's no way to be calm when an insane cult is trying to take over the country...

I'd be nervous even if we were up by 10, let alone down by 3.

But I'm about as confident as is possible under the prevailing conditions.

As conservatives have been saying for a while: the vote-by-mail scheme virtually guarantees chaos. And the blue team is the one with the massive propaganda apparatus. We need to win by a lot--we need to win by enough to make it infeasible for them to steal it.

LOL @ David Axelrod: Here's What The Dems Are Reduced To; Or: Republicans Pounce!

The Democrats are supporting mobs of totalitarian Blackshirts.

Here's one of their most common new defenses:

Republicans are happy about this because it's gaining them support!:

You know what would make Republicans happier?

If you f*cking jackasses stopped supporting the mobs of totalitarian Blackshirts... 

Incidentally...Axelrod sounds shrill and panicky... Which is comforting.

Trump 2020 RNC Acceptance Speech

 Great speech, a bit too long, and he was flagging toward the end. Also, of course, it's a bit painful to listen to him read. But the sentiments are all right, which is what's important.

And: the most amazing fireworks you've ever seen.

NYT Hits The Panic Button

 It's all fun and games until someone loses an election.

The progressive/Dems/MSM have exaggerated and outright lied about the prevalence and severity of racism until they've painted a picture that makes riots--and even sweeping, violent revolution--not only permissible but, arguably, obligatory. Now, having lied those lies, and, consequently, tolerated the rioting those lies warrant...well, they've got the tiger by the tail. It doesn't make a lot of sense to stop the rioting if you believe what the blue team professes--and, in some cases, seems genuinely--to believe. So they've either got to let the riots proceed, or admit that they were lying / delusional about the "systemic racism" scam. 

Like NBA players who talk a big game until something more than words is on the line, the blue team now has to decide between (a) sticking to its pious new principles and losing an election, or (b) admit that it was all bullshit all along. Though, of course, they could argue for stopping the riots and admit it's a mere temporary political which case we'll know they intend to start them up again after the election...

The root of all of this is political correctness, the subordination of evidence and truth to political dogma. The correct course of action is the conservative one: admit there are still problems with policing, but deny the lie about police indiscriminately killing black Americans. But the left simply can't bring itself to deny its cherished dogmas on the basis of mere falsehood. 

That's the downfall of extremism. Facts are stubborn things, after all...

The Washington Post Yet Again Refers To Russiagategate As A "Conspiracy Theory"

 My God I can't even bear to vent my anger about this anymore, nor call them the ComPost...

Sometimes this strikes me as too serious and too tragic to joke about. 

Anyone who's paying attention and who isn't trapped in the progressive echo-chamber knows that Russiagategate looks more like the biggest political scandal since Watergate--at least!--by the week. I really did respect the Post. For decades. Foolish me, I now think.

Lying in private is one thing, I suppose. I honestly didn't think that the PMSM would able to maintain this pose for this long. Straight-up denying the facts, right out in front of God and everybody, week after week after week. But truth simply doesn't matter to extremists. And progressivism is an extremist movement. 

Democracy dies in (self-)delusion, I reckon. When the dust settles, the Post--if it ever comes to its senses--should force itself to put something like that on its masthead. 

Is It Possible For The U.S. To Return To Normal?

 There's probably not much sense asking about the long-term problem when the short-term threat is so serious.

But, of course, we all wonder about this longer-term question from time to time.

Has the Overton Window been shifted so far to the left that normality and sanity are unrecoverable? 

I honestly don't know. But my general inclination is to keep hope alive, as it were. We have no proof that we can't return to sanity. And if we don't, all is lost. Under those conditions, it's rational to work toward the goal. 

I'm not sure what we can do. The insanity isn't on our end of the spectrum. Unsurprisingly, I think that our only hope is rational discussion. We face a particularly tough problem because the extremist progressive left rejects the very idea of rational discussion, and the less-extreme parts of progressivism are willing to back the parts that reject it... 

I suppose the only thing to do is to use force as necessary...but keep making arguments and hope for the best. Progressivism deserves contempt and ridicule...and I actually think that it's not only deserved, but that it may be most efficacious. Meekly urging them to listen to reason hasn't worked, anyway.

Well, it occurs to me that mostly all I have to say is: I don't know.

RNC Wrap-Up

 I think we're gonna win.

Though, as Insty likes to remind us: don't get cocky.

But: unless the American electorate has completely lost its god. damned. mind...we're going to win.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse Was Justified In Shooting The Violent, Rioting Anarchists That Attacked Him

Wolf's actual conclusion is more modest: it wasn't murder

It turns out that all three people Rittenhouse shot had serious criminal records. 

(Warning: unz.c0m link. Those guys are so politically incorrect they make me look like Judith Butler.)

My inclination is to think that we need more, not fewer, Kyle Rittenhouses.

Progressives Continue To Lay Groundwork To Deny The Legitimacy Of The Election


I guess this guy slept through that day in 7th grade civics when the American electoral system was explained.

The guy who wins the most electoral votes might be elected President! AAAAAHHHH! 

Republicans Pounce! The Lying Sack Of Shit Washington Post Lies The Same Lie The Harris-Biden Campaign Is Lying

When the Pubs screw up, that's the story.

When the Dems screw up, the Pub's reaction is the story.

So the leftist / Democrat / MSM talking points aren't: Dems refuse to condemn riots.

Rather, the talking points suggest that, somehow, Trump is evil for benefitting from the Democrat's psychopathy. How dare Trump recognize that the Democrat endorsement of domestic terrorism and anarcho-communist race riots will drive voters to him!

All the Dems have to do is stop endorsing anarcho-communist race riots. 

Pretty damn simple.

Instead, their strategy is to accuse Trump of seeing their unhinged failings as "useful"--as if he were rooting for the riots...instead of calling for the Dems to stop tacitly endorsing them.

These people are despicable.

Progressive In Another Brainless Nutshell: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Investigation

Behold, the left:

CNN Broadcast Mostly Not Laughable Lies


I mean, it's like half commercials, so. 

If I'm Not Mistaken It's Time To GET ON THE M***ER F***IN' TRUMP TRAIN BABY


Scott Adams's Low Information Voter Test

Lyin' Sack Of Shit Joe Biden Repeats The "Very Fine People" Lie

Joe Biden Is A Lying Sack Of Shit


KAC point out that the Democrat-condoned riots help Trump. Lyin' Biden pretends that this means that Trump--who has condemned the riots from the beginning--is "rooting for the violence." 

And when, exactly, has Biden condemned the riots? Maybe once somewhere? What?

Of course Anderson Cooper just lets him ramble...which may actually be good, because Biden's largely incoherent:

Trump's Approval Jumps To 52%; Rises To Highest Ever With Nonwhite Groups

 Keep your fingers crossed.

Better yet: contribute, volunteer, and vote.

And talk to people you think are persuadable.

And if you're of a praying persuasion, it couldn't hurt.

The Progressive Establishment Is Fine With Neo-Jacobin Mob Violence...Until It Hurts The Harris-Biden Poll Numbers


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

DOJ: Jacob Blake Had A Knife

 Gosh, what a surprise.

George Floyd Died Of Drug Overdose

 And the prosecutors waited three months to release the autopsy report--when releasing it could have avoided the wave of leftist riots.


RNC, Night Three

 Yeah...we're gonna win.

RCP Biden Lead In Top Battleground States Down To 3.7%

Now it's a race between the facts and the media.

If the actual details of the mostly peaceful social justice riots for peace and justice manage to leak out by October, we should be able to dodge disaster. 

Or, for that matter, the fact that BLM is a massive hate crime hoax based on demonstrable falsehoods.

For that matter, if even the main outlines--let alone the details--of Russiagategate can manage to penetrate the media's doxastic forcefield, we should be able to dodge disaster.

I don't want to have to rely on "shy Trump voters," even though we know they're there. I'd rather they serve as an emergency cushion.

But, as is common for conservatives to observe: since the Dems are intentionally conditioning the battlespace in such a way as to virtually guarantee chaos and uncertainty, we have to win big. Otherwise we'll find ourselves in a kind of tossup, with the entire media propaganda apparatus working 24/7 for the blues. That is not a winning proposition.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Washington Post: No Longer An Actual News Source

The media's nonstop stream of lies and distortions is the Dems only hope of winning. If people actually knew what was going on, the election would basically be over already.

Your Blue Future

They may look innocent, but those cars are, like, totally systemic racism and shit.

Good Thing Pantyfa Is Very Seriously Retarded


I mean, even ignoring the murderous intent...what kind of moron thinks this would seal the door closed?

We're Gonna Win This

 Aren't we?

Did George Floyd Die Of An Overdose?

 Sure sounds that way.

But it may well have been overdetermined. I have no idea what the law says about such cases, of course.

I'd just like to know the truth about it, whatever that may be.

But it's very f*cked up that even public officials are walking around claiming that Chauvin murdered him. Seems to me that Chauvin's lawyer should basically argue that it's not possible for him to receive a fair trial anywhere in the country. It also seems to me that he could argue that, so long as there's some more-or-less plausible reason to believe that Floyd died of an overdose, Chauvin can't be convicted--such plausible reason would constitute reasonable doubt. If so, Chauvin should walk.

But, again: I'm not a lawyer. And you can't just figure this sort of thing out. You've got to have the relevant knowledge.

RNC, Nuit Deux

It's just so, so much better than the DNC.

How is it that these speakers are so much better? I'm honestly kind of puzzled.

Sorry This Happened To You, Man, But It's Not "Our Society" That's Disappointing...

 These people are opposed to our society. They aim to destroy it, and have made that very clear.

A Still Of The Anarcho-Commie Psychopaths Threatening People Who Refuse To Do As They're Told And Give their Neo-Fascist Salute

 You'll get a beatdown, but I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to just start wailing on these fucks.

These are Fascists in our midst, pretending to be anti-fascist. 

The only solution is massive violence direct right back at them.

Behold, The Insanity Of The Contemporary Left

 I would have a very hard time not beating the shit out of every one of these fuckers. They're all fatass, lame-ass, bullshit. whining children. A single, reasonably fit and well-trained person could level the entire lot of them. Only in large groups do they have even the tiniest sliver of pseudo-bravery.

Honestly, we're at a point such that I think a very high level of violence needs to be deployed against these pieces of shit. Of course the fact that they have the law behind them is the only thing that allows such pieces of shit to pretend to some semblance of guts... But the time has just about come to break some heads.


This is your blue future if you vote for Harris-Biden.

Questions That Answer Themselves: "Is Cancel Culture A Mob Mentality Or A Long-Overdue Way Of Speaking Truth To Power?"

 Oh, Vox...y'all just aren't very bright.

More Monkeygate


Words Mean Whatever Progressives Say They Mean At Any Given Moment

 You see, 'defund the police' means:

Abolish the police and prisons completely

Reduce funding to the police

Just shift the funding a bit more toward social workers


Don't really change anything because it's just aspirational

...depending on which interpretation will be most helpful to the left at any given moment.

Walk Away



 A member of a crowd yelled 'spygate,' while Trump was talking about Obama, and Trump told him to "be nice."

The left and the media (but I repeat myself) are pretending that the man said 'monkey.':

You really just can't make this stuff up. 

Undetectable Racism Spirits In The Aether: "Code Words"

 So "code words" now go along with "dog whistles" and "systemic" racism...

Once Again, Adams Took The Words Out Of My Mouth; We Have An Unhinged Party Moving Rapidly Toward Totalitarianism, Deploying Mobs Of Blackshirts...

 ...and it's still apparently a close election.

Even with the MSM propaganda machine working overtime, this is nearly unbelievable to me.

Behold, The Contemporary Left Uses The Threat Of Mob Violence To Force Faux-Support

 Here are BLM ****** totalitarian fuckwit mobs physically intimidating people into giving their little fascist fist-salute. 

This is, of course, compelled speech. This is where the extremist left always ends up. They're incrementally moving closer and closer to telling us what we can't and must say. 

In the second clip, they're threatening a woman, which deserves an ass-beating in my book.

The little prick in the foreground is about yeah far [indicates small distance with fingers] to sexual assault.

The left is insane.

The Democrats clearly support their crazy, violence wing now. This isn't a fringe anymore, it's in the drivers' seat.

At this point, I don't see much alternative to ordinary people deploying counter-violence.

Of course the media suppresses all this, dribbling out only the absolute minimum amount of information about it they think they can get away with.

[Imagine the media response if that had been a right-wing rioter protester standing threateningly over a woman with his fist raised, then putting his face down near her neck.] 

"The FDA's Good Plasma Decision"

 I've thought this idea was super-cool ever since I heard of it...

...and that's the limit of my knowledge. 

Trump's tweet seems ridiculous and paranoid. Though...nobody believed that Russiagate was a deep-state hoax, either...and there's really not much room for doubt about that anymore. I'm sure there are all sorts of people throughout the government who drag their feet and otherwise do what they can to impede anything that might help Trump...but I don't believe that the FDA as an organization does that. This is the sort of irresponsible bullshit that makes Trump unfit for office, to my mind. 

And yet...unfit though he may be...

Progressive "Antiracism" Is Just More Semantic Legerdemain--It's Racist, And It Ignores Actual Discrimination, Pursuing Leftist Social Change Instead

   Leftist intellectuals tend to be wordy--tend to be literary intellectuals--and one of their main tactics is to simply redefine and otherwise misuse terms ("woman," "racism" "violence") or introduce new ones that sneak in politically non-neutral presuppositions ("privilege," "anti-racism," "social justice"). 
   There are actually interesting issues about race and racism, but they have been completely swamped by the tsunami of utter bullshit flooding our national discussion from the left--especially the intellectual left. Which also means: the humanities and qualitative social sciences.
   I'm absolutely in favor of thinking about this stuff in a serious way. But the methodological failings of the postpostmodern mishmash of craptastic pseudophilosophical ideas that motivate the intellectual left have made their contributions worse than useless. They've corrupted the public discussion and need to be wiped away. We'd be a lot better off wiping the slate clean and starting over using more ordinary concepts--e.g. advantage, disadvantage, and discrimination rather that "privilege."

Does The U.S. Admit Too Few Refugees?


I don't know, but my inclination is to think that we should incline toward giving preference to political refugees. There are always details that aren't made clear in op-ed level arguments--e.g. questions about how much public assistance such programs require. 

I'm unmoved by the religious arguments, of course. Rawls argues that it's permissible for people to be moved by such arguments in public debates in a democracy, but they don't carry weight with the nonreligious, so other--sufficiently good--arguments will be needed.

I'm suspicious of how radically the Trump administration has cut back on refugees...but it seems fairly clear that the system has been abused for quite some time. Again, we'd need to see details to know. I'm sure there out there, but I'm in the dark about them. 

It'd be less imperative to cut back here if our ordinary and illegal immigration levels weren't astronomically high. This has long been one of my reasons for wanting to get immigration levels under control--so that we could bring in more victims of political persecution.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Scott Adams Is NOT Saying That Joe Biden Is Possessed By Satan...


RNC Night One

 I'm not even vaguely objective, but this seems head and shoulders above the DNC to me.

Whereas the Dem convention was just sad and depressing (even trying to ignore the nutty content), this one actually seems pretty good. The room is better, the speakers have been better...and no Eva Longoria. Who is, don't get me wrong, super hot...but damn, she was terrible. Not as bad as Julia Louis Dreyfus...but still awful.

But, again, I'm not objective.

[But look, they're just killing it...]

[Vernon Jones--great.

Andrew Pollack--great.

The McCloskeys--great.

Kimberly Guilfoyle--way over the top.


[We are gonna win.]

HRC: "Joe Biden Should Not Concede Under Any Circumstances"

The Dems have spent four years trying to undo the election of 2016. Their giant mobs of roving Blackshirts are burning down American cities and demanding radical, undemocratic reengineering of America. It's Trump supporters who have become the routine targets of political violence...

Now we get do not concede the election under any circumstances...

But's Trump and the Pubs who are the threat to democracy and a danger to the process.

Look, at some point you have to admit that your party has lost its mind

For all of Trump's crass and abrasive manner, it turns out that he's the one standing between us and the destruction of the republic.

I urge you to consider--just consider--putting substance over style.

Try To Stop The Dems From Stealing The Election And You're A "Domestic Enemy" and an "Enemy Of The State"

 The Dems' transformation into a totalitarian socialist part is nearly complete.

The SPLC Is Full Of Shit, But I Hate To See The GOP Using The Left's Bullshit "Endangerment" Argument

The left's "master argument is "that's racist." 
That ad hominem probably constitutes like half the left's arguments now.
But their second-favorite argument is probably "your insistence on criticizing our stupid ideas endangers us." 
So I hate to see the GOP using that argument against the SPLC...even though the SPLC is genuinely and completely full of shit.
Though, come to think of it, the left uses it as a way to deflect any criticism from itself or its positions, whereas the GOP is arguing that falsely representing groups as "hate" groups raises the likelihood that they'll be attacked... So actually, I think the argument is defensible in their case.

Pitt To Indoctrinate All Freshmen With Leftist Race Dogma

Academia has become exactly the thing it was created to oppose.
It is no longer about rational inquiry and the discovery of truth. 
Now it's about indoctrination into fashionable superstition.
But all this is fine.
Go ahead and vote for Harris-Biden.
Because Orange Man tweets mean!
Descent into a new dark age is certainly preferable to the occasional mean tweet.

BLM: Looting Is Reparations + We Will Just Bullshit And Talk Over You If You Ask Us Whether We Think Looting Is Reparations

 Basically these people are saying that slavery justifies them in doing whatever they want...because reparations.

"Like A Scene From Hell: Armed BLM Rioters Loot, Pillage and Burn Kenosha Following Police Shooting"

 I see that even the Washington ComPost had to report on this one. 

We'll have to wait to see what people like Moskos say about this shooting, but I don't know what else the cops were supposed to do. Dangerous suspect with a history of gun violence, refuses to stop, reaches into the driver's side exactly as if he were going for a weapon...hell, I'd have shot him...

But, of course, the BLM left has made it so that any white cop shooting a black suspect is going to have hell to pay, no matter how obviously justified the shooting.

The WaPo's description of the situation is so radically spun leftward as to be basically a lie. Watch the video and compare it to the Post's mendacious description:

The video starts as Jacob Blake rounds the front of a silver SUV on Sunday, with two Kenosha, Wis., police officers following close behind, their guns drawn. When Blake opens the door and steps inside, the officers suddenly fire toward his back — at least seven times.

No, you lying sacks of shit. The video starts with Blake walking away from the cops at the right rear of the SUV. They follow him up that side, around the front, and around to the driver's door--undoubtedly telling him to stop and get on the ground the entire time. They have their guns pointed at him, and he's simply ignoring them--and walking resolutely to the driver's door. Blake doesn't "step" inside, he reaches inside. And the police don't "suddenly" fire "toward" his back. There's no such thing as gradually firing a gun... They wait until the last possible moment, and fire when they clearly have no other option. since he's reaching into the SUV for something...wonder what?...when the cop finally does fire, it's into Blake's back--his only option. 

Response by the BLM crowd: burn down the city and pull out AR-15s on the cops.

This is your blue future, my friends. 

More Washington ComPost Lies: Proud Boys / Pantyfa Edition's way more than "mild bullshit"...:

PMSM: "Trump Uses 'Dark' Message..."

 What, not "dark and divisive"?

The media is simply a collection of Democratic propaganda organs.

News Of The Cult: Kellyanne Conway Edition

 I saw this crazy shit yesterday about how Kellyanne Conway's daughter was threatening to seek legal "emancipation" from her family because Conway was working for Trump. Of course she shotgunned Twitter with juvenile, overly-personal crap.

Today Conway announced she'll be leaving the Trump team.

This is right in line with a common, and newly-emphasized progressive tactic: severing ties with family-members who support Trump. 

Typical cult tactic.

So now Trump loses a valued advisor because her daughter--who undoubtedly knows nothing much about politics--threatens to use the law to leave the family if she stays.

[Here's her daughter's comments on some kind of social medium or other after finding out KAC quit. What a sad basket case. From wearing a swimsuit to the aimless, brainless, rambling, self-pitying nonsense she's spouting...sad all the way around. I couldn't listen to more than about 1 minute of it total.]

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Mac Donald: Conformity To A Lie; Or: "Systemic Racism" Is Bullshit

 My subtitle, not hers.

In Case I May Not Have Mentioned It, Progressitarianism Is Losing Its Mind: Rose Garden Nazi-Klan-Ferriner Edition

 Aside from everything else insane about what the left is saying about FLOTUS's renovation of the Rose Garden...imagine conservatives had made such complaints against a Democratic FLOTUS--she's only been an American citizen for 15 years, she had secret communist symbols hidden in the shrubbery, she turned it into a commie parade ground...

But, of course, right and left are held to different standards...

The radically different treatment of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump is just a wee representation of the radically different treatment the two parties receive generally.

[Whelp, there is some pushback from at least one other journalist.]

Signs Of A Coming Trump Victory


I'm worried, but only because a Dem win would be so catastrophic.

Again: I simply don't believe that a majority of Americans will vote for the party of BLM and Pantyfa, riots, political correctness, indiscriminate accusations of racism, men pretending to be women, boys in girl's athletics, anarcho-communism, indoctrination in schools, and the destruction of the suburbs.

   I continue to hope that Durham will come forward with more indictments by October. If so, it's all over.

The SPLC Is Full-Bore Progressive Anarcho-Commie Now; They Have No Authority To Speak On Hate Groups


This Is Basically Par For The Course For The Contemporary Left; MAGA Folks Wouldn't Do This, And Would Stop One OF Their Own If He Did It

 Stealing a 7 year-old's hat isn't even the 50-yard line of shitty for the contemporary left.

Don't Forget: We Have Clear Evidence That Biden and Obama Were Directing The Russiagate Hoax

 I'm sure the PMSM has been keeping you updated on this...

Joe Biden Asshole

 False accusations of racism make you an asshole, asshole.

Biden Up By Only 5% In NY State??

That would seem to indicate a landslide is a'comin'. 

But consider the source.

A Trump landslide would be the best thing that could happen in November for the USA. 

Unless, of course, I'm massively in error about what's been going on. 

Obviously, it wouldn't be the first time.

Several Amusing And Poignant Memes


Hooray For This Trump Ad


Sometimes I allow myself to just go with the patriotic flow and enjoy operatic eagles and whatnot...but usually I try to put up an emotional wall against that stuff. You don't want to give in to it too much, IMO. But this is pretty good, and, in my current view, there's a helluvalot of truth in it.

My 2017 self would not believe I wrote that.

I don't believe the Clinton stuff...but I keep being surprised at how much Trump is right about. I take the hypothesis seriously now. I just haven't been able to address that stuff seriously. So I'm stuck in probably not...but possibly.

He's pretty much right about the media. But I don't think money is what mainly drives them. It's their personal and institutional commitment to progressive-left politics. If it were money, that would be better. Greedy people are at least narrowly rational. They're predictable. We know how to deal with them. Religious fanatics are a different kettle of Kool Aid.

Attacks On Trump Supporters: Even 7-Year-Olds Aren't Exempt

 Violence and other attacks on Trump supporters are common--despite the wave of hate-crime hoaxes and media lies that would have you believe the violence is mostly in the opposite direction.

Turns out even 7-year-olds aren't exempt.

Have progressive been possessed by the devil or something?

Dem TN State Senator John Denberry Jr. Lays Down Some Truth

 Via Scott Adams:

"And Always Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Toward Freedom..."

 Nobody's perfect. All politicians say this sort of bullshit... And it's not all bullshit. There's a place for lofty rhetoric in politics. But this utter bullshit, combined with the massive tidal wave of lies, delusions, race-huckstering and hate-crime hoaxes that basically constitutes the contemporary American left...Jesus, how nauseating. 

I simply don't believe the majority of Americans will fall for this stuff from Biden and the Dems.

"Teargaslighting": "People With A Uterus" Say Tear Gas Is Messing With Their Periods


The first outrage is that here in Amerikkka, multiple people must apparently share one uterus. 

Of course it's all made up. And female rioters could...stop rioting. Like male rioters. Or they could stop trying to blind the police with lasers. And stop throwing shit bombs at them. And stop firing explosives at them. And stop the arson...and so on.

tl;dr: I doubt it and I don't care anyway.

Funny How There's No Reporting On The Costs Of The BLM / Antifa Riots


Whaddaya think would explain that?

Dowd : "Joe's Fearsome Weapon Against Trump: Simple Decency"

"Biden Takes On Donnie Darkness and Promises to Bring Us Into The Light"
Oh, barf.
   I tried reading past that, but no luck. I didn't realize Biden's acceptance speech had been so saccharine. 
   For Chrissake. So his first official act of "simple decency" in the campaign was to promote the "very fine people" lie, simultaneously (a) falsely accusing Trump of being a neo-Nazi sympathizer, (b) accusing Trump's supporters of supporting a neo-Nazi sympathizer, and (c) telling black Americans that their President and half their countrymen basically hate them.
   And, of course: he did all that when we're in the midst of a spasm of violence. A general trend of violence against Trump supporters began before the election of '16--e.g. the mass attack on people leaving the Trump rally in San Jose. Of course this has been all but ignored by the media. 
   The lie also plays into the hands of the BLM/Antifa/Woketarian Axis of Evil, promoting violent anarcho-communist revolution, and predicating these demands on the false Open Season dogma to the effect that police are indiscriminately murdering black Americans.
   This isn't an isolated lie. Progressivism has spun itself a massive web of lies and delusions using the powerful construction tools and materials of groupthink, cultish dogmatism, and willful ignorance. On almost every major point of contention in contemporary American politics, the cult of progressivism believes outlandish falsehoods. It certainly believes in striking powerful blows against the Constitution and the republic. It seeks to undermine the First Amendment, the Second Amendment. The Russiagate conspirators have made mockery of the Fourth Amendment. Obama-Biden's Department of Education's interpretation of Title IX rejected the principles underlying both the Fifth and Sixth Amendments--and if you want to know where they want to take the country, look where they've taken universities, where their power is much greater. 
   I used to say that at least they hadn't yet called for the quartering of troops...but BLM/Antifa is now sending mobs through white neighborhoods demanding that people give up their houses...and it's hard to tell from week to week what insanity will be on what passes for their minds maybe the Third Amendment, too, will be under assault by September...
   But, counterpoint: Orange Man make mean tweet!!! So...

   Incidentally, the fact that our godawful, stupid, lying, anti-democratic, Russiagate-creating, thoroughly politicized media is all-in for one of the candidates is almost enough, in and of itself, to make me vote for the other guy.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Media "Fact"-Check: Trump's False Claim That The DNC Dropped 'God' From The Pledge Of Allegiance!!!...Which Was Actually True...But...Not During Prime-Time!

 Because prime-time limns the boundaries of the world...

This is how the PMSM runs its scam. If there's any interpretation according to which a Trump claim as false, it's spun as false. If there's any interpretation according to which leftist claim as true, it's spun as true. 

It's very, very, very difficult to win when you're playing by these rules...

Pantyfa Uses Shit and Urine Bombs

Entirely without honor or self-respect; repulsive in every way.

Oh Noez...Sounds Like The Dems Have the Mer-Folk On Their Side...I Expect The Deep Ones Will Be Next

Suppose that ten years ago I'd told you that by 2020 the Dems would happily include people who claim to be mermaids...
...and those aren't its craziest constituents by far...

[And that's not to mention the idea of abolishing police and prisons...
Ms. Mermaid says:
“Why can’t, why can’t folks imagine a world without the cops?” they asked. “Why can’t folks imagine a world without prisons? Why can’t people expand their imaginations to include community care to include an abolitionist future?”
Which is ridiculous, since we can imagine a world without police and prisons... Which is why we don't want one.
Stupid and crazy is no way to go through life.]

Media "Fact"-Checks: Did The DNC Drop 'Under God' From the Pledge Of Allegiance?

 Actual true answer: Yeah, sometimes--about 1/3-1/2 of the time?

Media "fact"-checks say: no. Good on Snopes which says: half-true.

AP says that they kept it in all four nights to kick off the evening festivities, but dropped it during two "recitations" at caucus meetings. But I also saw it dropped in one video they showed...and the dude ended it by saying..."with liberty and justice for all...some day." Which, meh.

So it seems to have been dropped at least 3/7 times. And I'd actually bet more, since the media isn't going to track this down too assiduously. 

I don't recite the PoA, which I consider to be creepy and unAmerican. And I don't care about dropping 'under God,' which is a reasonable thing to do, IMO, and makes the thing somewhat less bad...but not much.

I stand for the national anthem. But either don't stand for the PoA or, if we're already standing, I just don't say it. 

Trump's Pardon Gets Susan B. Anthony "Cancelled" By The Progs

The spiral of self-parody tightens

Progressitarian Self-Parodification Is Nearly Complete: HANDS OFF OUR FOOD, WHITEY Edition

This isn't even exactly really is like they are being possessed by a parodic version of themselves.

Biden Repeats His Speeches...So...What?

 Why is this bad?

He has some ideas. He wants to tell people what they are. He's talking to different people. What's the problem with this?

I couldn't listen to the whole thing because it was too boring and irritating...but I don't get the problem. Unless it's: he said he'd do some stuff in '08, and now it's '20 and he's still promising to do it. He couldn't do anything to get it done between '08 and '16?

Biden: I'm Not Defunding The Police, You're Defunding The Police


It's pretty common for people--and also politicians--to try to have things both ways...but usually not so flamboyantly. Actually, the Harris-Biden-TBA ticket seems to want to have things three different ways:

We want to defund the police!

We don't want to defund the police!

Trump wants to defund the police!

I'm waiting for:

Trump refuses to defund the police!

Carlson On The (Barely) Hidden DNC

 Actually worth watching.

The cult of Progressitarianism has managed to make the GOP the closest thing we have to a sane political party.

Gotta say, I lost it at "she's come to steal your horses."

Friday, August 21, 2020

Lies, Damned Lies, and Fancy Graphics

 Is there any possibility that the people who made this didn't realize it was / intend for it to be misleading?:

False Accusations Of Racism Are As Bad As Racism: Biden And Harris Are Unfit For Office

 Harris and Biden have accused Trump of a heinous kind of racism, and done so not only publicly, but in a very important forum. Their accusations were premeditated and issued in a cool hour, and calculated to do maximum damage. They knew the accusations were false.

If Harris and Biden are right, then Trump is unfit for office. 

If they're wrong, then they are unfit for office--they are willing to make the most scurrilous and inflammatory accusations against someone--and the President, no less. They are willing to lie in a way that fans the flames of racism at a crucial juncture in our history. 

So--as is not unusual--much turns on the truth or falsehood of the accusations.

Fortunately for us, we know the answer: the accusations are false--and outrageously so. 

Trump and Harris are unfit for office.

It also matters that what they did wasn't isolated--the false/irresponsible/unjustified accusation of racism is the central rhetorical tactic of the progressive left.

We've got a crazy cult that has come completely unhinged, and they're running around getting everything they want merely by making the same bullshit accusation over and over again at every point--in effect: you're a witch

If America lets these people get away with this, and elects the cultists, then we deserve to be wrecked, as we surely will be.

Biden Accidentally Tells The Truth

 Indeed, no President has ever said such things:

What If Trump Gave A Speech Built Around The Light Good / Dark Evil Theme?

 You know what would happen.

Media Matters And Others Double Down On The "Very Fine People" Lie


 My God, these people.

I mean--everybody knows that MMFA is a despicable, lying lot... But this seems notable even by their standards...

Well, actually, I should have predicted that folks on that side would try this out--they really can't concede this point. Harris and Biden went too far in on it. It would be hard to back out now.

The progressive left has tried out such arguments before, actually... But, then, sticking to their lies about Trump's alleged racism really is their, again, I should have seen this coming. Years after the fact I saw well-known talking heads insist that he had said that all Mexicans are rapists... Even when busted on it, they insisted that they had heard it with their own ears!!!!

But even if Harris-Biden, MMFA, et al. were right about all their premises, the most that could possibly do is catch Trump in an honest and understandable mistake...which still wouldn't mean that he'd said what they accuse him of...and Biden et al. would still be lying sacks of shit.

There were plenty of perfectly ordinary people who opposed removal of the statues, and who had protested that removal. At the time, it was perfectly reasonable to think that some of them had at least shown up to participate in Unite the Right--at that point, it wasn't clear that there would be so many white supremacists, white separatists, etc. there. (There were, it seems, only three actual Nazis, who were widely suspected of being LARPERS / false-flaggers, actually.) These were the people Trump was talking about--as he explicitly said: he wasn't saying that they were "very fine people,"--he was condemning them completely (or whatever he said). 

All that remains true even if no ordinary people protested against removal of the monuments the night before.

MMFA is trying to say that Trump was referring to the tiki-torch mob--which did protest the night before. But, of course, he wasn't. Those guys, so far as anyone can tell, are all white separatists, supremacists, etc....the very people Trump explicitly said he wasn't talking about. Even if there were, somehow, some non-white x-ists in there, Trump clearly intended to exclude them from the extension of "very fine people."

The fact of the matter is: 

Trump was very clearly not in any way saying that Klan types and Nazis were "very fine people"... He in fact explicitly said that's not what he was saying. He was talking about ordinary people on the other side of the monument issue. At the very worst, he was mistaken about when they protested. But there is simply no even vaguely plausible interpretation of his words according to which he was intending to say that those rioters were "very fine people." 

MMFA is basically trying to find some narrow, contrived, bullshit interpretation that will allow them to claim that there's a way around Trump's explicit denial, and which would, therefore, allow them to argue that technically he didn't rule out the very thing he was so obviously trying to rule out...and which progressives are now lying about.

This is just fucking despicable--but this isn't in any notable way unusual for the progressive left. This is one of their most common tactics--find some absurd, contrived, irresponsible and uncharitable interpretation that will give them thin cover for pretending that all their opponents are racists. 

There are too many examples to recount--God knows how many every day. But one example concerns 'MAGA.' Their argument that that's racist, such as it is, goes roughly like this:

Trump says we should make America great again... So he's saying that there was some time at which America was great in the past. But at many times in the past, America was very racist. Therefore, Trump must be saying that is the fact that it was racist that made it great--which is, of course racist. And therefore it is specifically the racist elements of the past that Trump wants to revivify. 

Now, if you are willing to accept arguments like that, there's not much I can do for you.

Progressivism In A Screechy, Incoherent, Stupid Nutshell

 My first favorite part is this child shrieking at one of her elders that he's probably never encountered any difficulties in his entire life because he's a white male.

My second favorite part is her descending into utter, shrill, incoherence.

Scott Adams Is Pissed: Biden And The "Very Fine People" Lie

Adams is pissed.

 He says he's taking it personally--I tend to not do that. But his reasons are good: Not only are Biden et al. lying sacks of shit...but they are painting targets on the backs of Trump supporters.

Interestingly, the left falsely argues that the rest of us are barred from speaking/discussing certain truths because speaking those truths will directly cause injury and death to people who are nonwhite. 

In actual fact, violence is being directed against non-progressives as a political weapon...Biden et al. are lying...and those lies are, in fact, likely to increase the likelihood of violence, property crime, harassment, etc. against us.

I'm not worried. I live in a safe place and I can take care of myself. But this is an outrage. Again: I care mostly about the fact that progressivism is anti-truth and anti-reason. I care mostly about the fact that progressivism is a massive web of quasi-religious lies and delusions. By comparison, Donald freaking Trump is a defender of truth and reason...for the very love of God. Think about that.

But the lies are of a particularly harmful sort. They convince black Americans (and, to some extent, some other minorities) that America hates them--and white Americans in particular. And they have begun to lay out all the premises needed to support a conclusion to the effect that violence against the government, whites, and non-progressives is justified. 

And, as Adams notes: It's particularly repulsive to hear all this BS about Biden, the compassionate and love and the soul of our country...while they have made a scurrilous web of destructive lies the centerpiece of their campaign. I'd say Adams is wrong to represent the VFP lie as central--that's merely their current flagship lie. That lie itself is merely the tip of the iceberg, and representative of the new Democratic hard-left progressivism generally. I'll add that all that shit about love isn't actually inconsistent with lies. So the repulsiveness isn't based on a contradiction, but on something else...hard for me to say what. 

Though it does make me want to say: f*ck love, you assholes. Tell the truth and defend the Constitution. Your "love"--like your "justice"--is worse than worthless. They're bullshit Trojan horses inside which you want to hide your totalitarian utopianism. 

Whelp, I hate bein' right all the time. But: I told ya so. 

One of our major political factions has lost its fucking mind. They're the biggest threat we now face. Bigger than China, I'd say...though it's complicated by the fact that, in many ways, they and the CCP are working toward similar goals...

Friedersdorf: "Anti-Racist Arguments Are Tearing People Apart"

 ...because Progressitarianism is a deranged cult.

My words, not his.

Sometimes both/many/all sides are roughly equally at fault, sometimes it isn't clear...but sometimes the fault lies overwhelmingly with one faction or group. We're in the latter situation.

Progressive Twitter "Journalism" In A Nutshell


JAKE TAPPER Calls The Dems On The "Very Fine People" Lie


Good on you, Jake Tapper. Props.


Not to snark the guy when he's being good, but...if Jake Tapper is calling the Dems on something like a good sign for them.


Gotta say, he slightly fudges thigs so that it makes the lie sound a little less bad than it actually is. Trump didn't merely "condemn white supremacists and Nazis elsewhere in the speech"...he explicitly clarified his comments in case any asshole was so assholish as to try to say that he was calling white supremacists and Nazis "very fine people." He basically says NOW LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR: I AM NOT TALKINGA ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND NAZIS, BUT ABOUT PEOPLE CONCERNED ABOUT THE CONFEDERATE STATUES.

But the left learned the interpretation game from postmodernism: they think they get to interpret whatever they want however they want, and no amount of clarification can ward off their inevitable efforts to interpret everything anyone to their right says as racist.

The "Very Fine People" Lie

 Oh, yeah:

Among all the other lies and distortions, Biden trotted out the "very fine people" lie again.

And again I say: for all Trumps alethic and epistemic failings, he is less the enemy of truth and reason than the cult of Progressitarianism.

Trump gets all excited and bullshits and whatnot...but the progressive left has constructed a massive, complex web of lies and delusions that its adherents and institutions work assiduously to sustain. The "very fine people" lie is just one of innumerable examples. It's false and easily proven so, and yet they collectively turn it into a "fact" by repeating it and repeating it an repeating it. Not in some off-handed, heat-of-the-moment, impulsive indiscretion like Trump might. But intentionally, officially, collectively. 

[zombie voice] Very fine people...very fine people...very fine people...

Toldja The Pubs Were Kidding Themselves About Biden's Cognitive Decline

 They seemed to think he was going to get up there and fall apart, revealing that he was in a dementia tailspin. 

I couldn't bear to listen to the speech--it really was full of shit. For all of Trump's thermonuclear bullshitting, he really is less the enemy of truth than the zombie brain-eater animated corpse of liberalism that is the progressive Dems. 

So I just skipped through part of it and gave up. But Biden seemed perfectly cogent and competent. 

Looks like we're going to have to beat him fair and square.

Man, all that love and soul stuff got old fast though.

Incidentally: Trump seems to have--finally, for the love of God--started to get a little less Trumpy. That is: he seems to have become marginally less crass / angry / abrasive. He needs to throttle it back about another 75% in order to have anything like a Presidential demeanor...but it's something. If only he'd have done it four years ago, he'd be cruisin' toward a landslide. But no. He had to be a jackass, and now love Goths may well breach the gates and inflict their love-riots and love-arson and love-beatings on the populace. 

BIden Acceptance Speech


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Bans "Protests" On Her Block: "I Have A Right To Make Sure My Home Is Secure"

Well, To Be Fair, Yamiche Alcindor Is A Talentless Hack...

And, more importantly: Trump is 100% right about that:

It's too bad that progressives aren't merely lying about it, but genuinely seem not to realize/understand that that's an entirely accurate description of what they themselves are doing. 


DNC, Night Whatever

This Greenland Shark Has Been Alive Since 1627 ?????!!!!!!!!?????!!!

Coleman Hughs Shreds Ibram X. Kendi's *How To Be An Anti-Racist*

Wow that book is shit.
I haven't read it, but I've read several reviews now, and many excerpts...and, as it turns out, sometimes you don't have to read the book...
Hughes notes that there are some good things in the book--e.g. Kendi's rejection of the ridiculous blacks can't be racist argument. But mostly it's crap.
The most notorious bit is Kendi's absurd nonsense about a "Department of Antiracism" that will have the power to overrule any law and outlaw any idea that it deems to be racist. It will be composed of "experts" on just imagine that. A committee of Kendis and other grievance studies types, basically running the country. As Hughes notes, this is a vision of a totalitarian America... Which is something progressives don't object to, much the worse for them.
Sounds like this book may be even worse than that "white fragility" piece of crap...but it also sounds like a pretty close-run race.