Tuesday, March 10, 2020

PC Progressivism's Control On The Culture Runs Deep: Urban Dictionary / TDS

Holy crap.
This is minor in the cosmic scheme of things...but really, really, really crazy.
Urban dictionary does not list the almost-universally-understood definition of TDS...at all. Apparently it was deleted some time ago and every attempt to reintroduce it is deleted. It was replaced with four or five definitions that turn it into an abbreviation for failings on the part of Trump supporters, not detractors. E.g.:
Trump Delusion Syndrome. The inability to find fault with Trump due to the fact that you voted for him in 2016. Also see: Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias.
Mike believes this is the golden age and plans to double-down on Trump in 2020; the TDS is strong in this one.
Whatever you think about Trump, you should find this creepy as hell. The ordinary meaning of  'TDS' is perfectly lear, in part because it is derived from the template that previously gave us 'BDS' and 'ODS.' Interestingly, the relevant meaning of 'ODS' is listed, though not first, but there is a reference to the abbreviation and the relevant definition in another entry, suggesting that it, too, may have been deleted.


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