Sunday, December 23, 2018

Even Martina Navratilova Isn't Allowed To Disagree With Trans Ideology...Even With Respect To Sports

She shouldn't have backed down--and people should have backed her up. And McKinnon is a nut, and philosophers should have refuted his nonsense years ago.
   But here we still are--the progressive left can declare that night is day, and demand that the culture be re-engineered accordingly, and pronounce any disagreement the moral equivalent of racism...and people will go along with it because it's better than being falsely accused of bigotry. And philosophy has beclowned itself by splitting into (a) those who produce sophistical arguments in support of this madness and (b) those who cower in the corner.
   Trump's a threat to the republic...but I continue to think that he pales in comparison to the madness on the left.

[One of the weirder things in this story:  How did Navratilova not know that her comment would get this kind of response? Has she been living in a cave? Alternatively, if she did know, you'd think she'd be prepared to withstand some pushback. Weird.]


Blogger Pete Mack said...

McKinnon is literally correct: it *is* nuts to thinolk having a penis has any effect on athletic ability. Testicles, however...

2:55 PM  

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