Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stupid Fratboys vs. Incoherent Protesters at Duke

   Stupid frat boys have a thing for theme parties. I have no earthly idea what's up with that. There's a picture with this story. I can imagine somebody saying to these guys: way to make the black guys the prisoners, loathsome fratrat. Seriously dude. People hate you because you are hateable.
   Instead the response involved the familiar cornucopia of incoherent postpostmodern bullshit, hyperbole and far-left cant.
   The incoherent political left gets its incoherence from the incoherent intellectual left that is a powerful force in the humanities and social sciences. There's a wave of irrationalism sweeping universities and the internet, and it has a kind of unofficial philosophical view. That view is deeply, deeply confused. It's not only wrong on specific points, it is committed to shitty and in some ways outright incoherent methods of reasoning and standards of explanation. There are some points worth considering deeply buried in all this...but since the points presuppose a lot things that make no sense, and come wrapped in the cant and gobbledygook fashionable on the intellectual left, there's virtually no chance of them being considered.
   Here we've got a group of kids so out of touch with reality that they think that "no police, no prisons" is a policy that's going to improve the lot of American blacks.
   When, in response to stupid fratboy tricks, the left proposes a course of action that would lead to the destruction of society, it's no wonder that no reasonable people take them seriously.


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