Sunday, February 21, 2016

PC At The Washington Post?: False Accusations of Bernie Supporters Chanting "English Only"?

   Accusations in the Post that Bernie supporters chanted "English only" when a Clinton supporter wanted to translate for a Spanish-speaking activist. The video in the piece does not substantiate this assertion, though it does show some booing and hissing...hardly unusual occurrences at events during primary season. As one of the comments notes, Snopes concludes that the accusations are false. Some other eyewitness reports cited by Snopes support this. The whole damn thing seems to be based on Tweets fer chrissake. Tweets! It's already the kind of topic that attracts PC craziness. Then there's the PC-ish tendency to put the worst possible spin on events, and to deploy "social media," especially Twitter, to get their spin out. But whatever. It's the Post's biased coverage here that's most worrisome. This piece is mostly about what an important activist the speaker was when it ought to have been mostly about whether the event actually happened. Add some gestures as rumors of other (subtantiated? unsubstantiated?) accusations against Bernie supporters, and you get...bad journalism.
   Et tu, WaPo?


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