Thursday, February 18, 2016

Carolina Collapses Against Duke, 73-74

   That really was the worst collapse I think I've ever seen. I love this team, but they've somehow fallen into a pattern of just choking against Duke game after game. Collapsing was simply their way of life last year, but it didn't afflict them as severely this season. But tonight's collapse really took the cake. This time they virtually put on a clinic illustrating how to lose a basketball game. They led the almost the entire game until the final two minutes, let Duke outscore them 15-4 over the final few minutes, and I think only got the ball to Brice once in the final 10 minutes despite the fact that he had been completely unstoppable. Marcus and Berry went something like 2-10 and 2-12. Roy, characteristically, didn't call a time out in the final minute, when it seemed absolutely imperative, and Berry, running the point, failed to play his role correctly. Roy always says that with more than 7 seconds left, you attack, hoping that the D won't be set. But with like 14 seconds left, Berry didn't attack, but dribbled over near Roy to see whether he wanted to take a time out...and he didn't...thus we accrued the disadvantage of both courses of action. Berry was fouled on the final shot, but, of course, we're not going to get that call. All anybody said all week was not to let it come down to the final call...and that's exactly what we did.
   I really don't like losing to that program, for reasons that are probably fairly well-understood, and which, unfortunately, take a lot of the fun out the sometime rivalry. But now's not the time to reflect on that stuff...
[We scored 27 points in the entire second half for the love of God...]


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