Monday, February 22, 2016

Washington Post ("The Fix") Charges Of Racism Against Bernie Supporters False; Spun As "Both Sides Wrong"

   So maybe I'm missing something here, especially given my low tolerance for this kind of thing...  But here's my take on the relevant events:
   Background: In general, there's been an effort by some people to paint Bernie supporters ("Bernie Bros") as un-PC / bigoted / retrograde. They're bros, see?
   Here were the relevant recent accusations that Huerta was driven off the stage by chants of "English only," unsubstantiated by the video provided.
   Here we get the latest story, the upshot of which seems to be: the accusations are false. However the story is spun as: the truth is in the middle.
   And this seems like a fairly common pattern from the leftier fringe: accusations of sexism racism, and more esoteric forms of bigotry fly around freely. It's their stock and trade. It's almost the only kind of argument we ever hear from that sector of the political spectrum. But the vast majority of them turn out to be unproven--perhaps unprovable in principle--or outright false.
   There may be more racism and sexism out there than I think. I'm certainly willing to admit that. But we also need to admit that the leftward parts of the spectrum exaggerate the problems. Unproven accusations are common, as are false accusations. Here we have false accusations seemingly disconfirmed...but no admission of error. Instead the falsehood of the accusations are soft-peddled. And this isn't the Huffington Post or Jezebel. This is the Washington Post. And that's a problem.


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