Monday, February 22, 2016

The Yak In The Room: The Colorado College Yik-Yak Case

   White guy makes a joke about black women on Yik-Yak, at a time when all sorts of (according to him) semi-good-natured trash-talk about all sorts of races and ethnic groups (including whites) was going on. Seems clear that he didn't mean any harm, though the joke was admittedly a bit edgy. Colorado College administration hunts him down and expels him for two years.
   It was a joke. It was in no way some kind of terrible, soul-crushing, extraordinarily hurtful joke. I've made a lot edgier jokes than that, as has basically every person I know...and any person I'd want to know. The reaction on the part of the other students is completely over the top. They do not in any way acknowledge that it was a joke. They treat it as if it were a serious comment, intended to convey an actual attitude. Even if it was, the guy doesn't deserve expulsion. But it wasn't.
   When did everyone go fucking insane?


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