Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kareem Is Reasonable, As Always, But Wrong About PC

   Honestly, this is the only intelligent defense of political correctness I've ever read--and I've read a lot.
   Kareem is right that typically we shouldn't identify movements with their extremes...the problem is that PC is basically all extreme. If you subtract the crazy from it you're basically left with a small number of views--e.g. that words can cause distress--that are shared by most liberals and a helluvalot of conservatives as well.
   Give it to him, though: he admits right up front that PC does have excesses. That puts him head and shoulders (lol) above other defenders of the position. It's ridiculous how happy it makes me to read a sane, sensible, cogent defense of a view I detest. PC is so mired in postpostmodern incoherence that its defenders seem incapable of stringing together more than two or three sentences that actually make sense before they fall right back into cant-filled incoherence.
   Anyway, props to Kareem. Dude really is somebody I admire a lot.
   Even though...y'know...he's wrong about this one.

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