Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin: Shrill, Puerile, Derisive and Divisive

Man, that Palin--nasty piece of work, no? Some of these people actually seem to have a little shame left, and to feel bad about spewing divisive lies for political gain. But some of them actually enjoy it. Palin seems, so far, to be one of the latter. This is a truly contemptible and angrifying characteristic, and I don't look forward to being exposed to it for the next two months.

Palin's copious lies were infuriating, of course--and she'll almost certainly get away with them. (Kleiman links to this re: the legislation Obama had authored and sponsored, and discusses the Obama campaign's response to some of the other lies. So if your aunt and uncle read Kleiman, they won't be taken in!) But it's the low-minded, puerile, vicious contempt for her opponents in general and Obama in particular that really p!ssed me off. You have to wonder--do these people every listen to themselves? They're like a bunch of particularly mean-spirited little kids who, though they got taller, never really grew up.

I'm afraid we're in for an even nastier election than we may have thought.


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