Monday, August 03, 2020

Progressives' Central Strategy Is Suppressing Honest Discussion / Debate

Are Dems panicking about debates?
They have good reason to panic.
But look: by this point, do you honestly think it's a coincidence that every time they are expected to defend their positions they come up with some excuse? Some story about why they shouldn't have to do so? A story about how it would actually be wrong for them to do so... And it's always some variation on: We're so right that it would be wrong to allow the other side to speak
The very act of openly discussing our positions on race and "gender" is violence! Questioning us is killing us! Openly discussing climate change will kill us all because we can't be wrong and if we don't implement all of our policies right now we all die! Expressing non-progressive views creates a hostile environment, bigot! Questioning Black Lives Matter means that you don't believe that black lives matter! Our violence is free speech; your free speech is violence!
And now: our candidate should be president...but how can he be expected to defend our positions against your guy? Hillary was right about everything in every debate, and he won anyway! He's a master liar! To debate him just gives credibility to his lies! 
This is really just a variation on the old Your guy is both dangerously stupid and fiendishly clever position. 
They've lost their collective mind.

Otoh, I do think that the Pubs are likely exaggerating Biden's mental decline. That makes it easier for him to come out and muddle through and win on the basis of radically lowered expectations. And, of course, no matter what Trump says, he'll be hit with a tsunami of "fact"-checks by the progressive media by the next morning. Though, TBF, he'll probably say a lot of false shit...


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