Monday, August 03, 2020

VA's U.S. Senators Introduce Sweeping Gun-Control Bill

As I've said before, my current inclination is just about the opposite of my former inclination toward compromise. My current view is: oppose everything they introduce, especially on guns. My reason is: they'll never stop. There's no consensus position that will constitute a stable resting-point. Dems have been taken over by progressives, and they'll never stop. Every concession to them simply moves the Overton Window further left and moves us closer to even more Draconian laws. Furthermore, we know how progressives operate; any power we give them will be warped. Give them "red flag" confiscation powers, and suddenly psychologists will discover that all sorts of non-progressive and pro-Second-Amendment attitudes are indicators of mental illness. Maybe, someday, if sanity ever returns to the left, we can reconsider. But as for now, my own view is: fight them on every point.


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