Sunday, February 02, 2020

There Is No Climate Emergency

   When you start to realize how broad, deep and loony the web of progressive deception's more than a little scary. Way more. Even if this web is half as broad, half as deep, and half as loony as it currently seems to me, it's practically a nightmare scenario. How the hell did this happen??? How did the left simultaneously put this web of distortions and lies into place while simultaneously ensconcing a set of presuppositions to the effect that it is the left that aims to unmask the distortions put in place by "the right"? Where "the right" may actually, mostly, just be a term for ordinary people trying to do their jobs and live their lives--and who don't accept the left's tissue of tales. (That, at least, seems to be what Sowell thinks.)
   Best case scenario: I've flipped my shit and am completely wrong about all this. 
   That would suck for me, of course...but better me than the world...
   One way to kinda see something enlightening about the big picture is to focus on all the resources the left puts into shutting down thought and discussion. This manifests itself in the climate change controversy as (a) it's settled science, bigot! and (b) the situation is so dire and dangerous that we must act immediately--no time to think! Another common element of their strategy is brainwashing kids--a strategy beloved by Lenin. Also by religions per se
   The left always has some story about why disagreeing with it is NOT OKAY. If we still had liberals, this squelching of dissent and indoctrination of kids would put them irrevocably at odds with the progressive left. 


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