Sunday, January 26, 2020

Pompeo Accuses NPR Reporter Of Lying, Calls News Media 'Unhinged'

Well, we know for sure he's at least half-right...
I stopped listening to NPR, in particular, a couple of years ago. The combination of their bias, their attitude, and that godawful tone...once it all comes into focus, it's just insufferable. Which is, of course, not to suggest that they never get anything right.
I don't really know anything about Pompeo, but this is the sort of jackassery I basically just assume Trump-admin-types engage in. Probably significantly exaggerated, though. When they'll distort the reasonably objective stuff, imagine what they're liable to do with an account like this.
But, obviously, it's way more important if, indeed, Pompeo can't keep his temper under such circumstances.
But the unhinged news media bit is right on target.


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