Saturday, January 25, 2020

"How To Avoid America's Coming Secession Crisis"

Back to real federalism seems like a decent answer to me, as to Buckley.
I'm currently sympathetic to conservative side of this: (a) the progressive left has lurched hard left, and (b) it is intent on imposing its weird, extremist preferences on the rest of the country. In fact, it's reasonable to say that it aims to destroy American culture and the ordinary American ways of life. At some point, it will become rational for those on the receiving end of this--which the left would surely call cultural genocide were it directed at any other culture--to say no. Also, I'm currently inclined to think that secession is legal under the Tenth Amendment, Texas v. White notwithstanding.
   I don't want the Union to dissolve. But I do currently think that secession would likely be preferable to union if Orwellian progressivism continues to sink its hooks in. In fact, I think that would constitute the destruction of the United States, and that secession would become the only way to preserve what's valuable about the nation.
   I continue to think that people are sensible enough to reject the radical left... Well, I continue to hope it, anyway.


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