Saturday, August 31, 2019

John Yoo: AG's Report Shows That Trump Didn't Obstruct Justice, "Trump Freed Justice" (By Freeing It Of A Rogue Comey)

Well, I used to bash Yoo nonstop...turns out he's actually not a monster. That was a stupid, unreflective, anti-Bush attitude. (Though many anti-Bush attitudes are justified.) (And Jesus Christ the tortu...uh..."enhanced interrogation"...thing...)
I have no idea whether he's right about this, but I now have reason to believe that he's worth taking seriously. Those reasons might be overridden in the future.
We're stuck in this ridiculous position again: even after an investigation, and even after we have an AG's report in hand, and even after the experts have reported on what it means...we're stuck with more-or-less opposite conclusions.
I absolutely do not currently have time to even try to figure it out myself. And I'm not at all sure that I could figure it out myself. In general, of course, I tend to think that the right is just about as nutty as it's always been, but that the left has completely flown off the handle...basically into an erratic low-Earth orbit... I'd be less-surprised if the leftier interpretations were more off-base, driven by TDS. Yoo sounds like he might start from about where I do: Trump's awful, but...
But I doubt there's any figuring all this out for sure without some expertise and/or quite a bit of time.


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