Friday, November 09, 2018

So Much For Holy Hell

   I guess Graham's claim is that firing Sessions was permissible after the election. Sounds like back-peddling to me, but this is a common kind of puzzle; there is a relevant difference that Graham can cite in defense of his differential judgments. I just don't know whether it's reasonable to do so. But I'm skeptical.
   And, of course, it makes perfect sense to say that firing Sessions is permissible; what's impermissible is interfering with Mueller. It's also reasonable for the other side to suspect that firing sessions and hiring what's-his-name is a(nother?) step toward interference with Mueller.
   Personally, I'm up to about DEFCON 3... But Mueller's team is writing the report, and I can't believe the White House will try to block its release. OTOH, I just don't know how far Trump is willing to go, which has kind of been my main objection to him all along. I don't believe the hysterical left's TRUMP = HITLER nonsense. But I don't have much sense of how far he'd go if he were put in a corner. And that's way, way worse than bad enough.

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