Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is A Complete Cinematic Failure

I'm not smart about movies, nor knowledgeable about them, so couldn't put my finger on much of this. I just knew it stank. But this guy is smart and knowledgeable about movies, and about Star Wars, and he makes a lot of great points. Anyway, there's one NSFW bit in this:


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

Awww come on man...

I'm on record calling Vito a number of non-PC names. He's part of the cabal of hysterical, internet star wars fans.

I have a comment or sixteen lurking on YouTube arguing why this guy completely misses the mark on a number of points, and how his criticisms indirectly disparage significant chunks of the original trilogy.

TLJ is not the best SW movie of all time-- far from it-- but it's not a bad movie. To call it a "complete cinematic failure" is an incredible hyperbole.

I don't have much of a problem with the tension-cutting humor, admiral holdo, nor all the plot twists he seems to think ruined the film.

Plus, to criticize Rey for being a mary sue, or implying that she has no personality applies equally to Luke in episodes 4 and 5. Luke Skywalker is definitely a towering figure in American cinema, but if you pay real close attention to the movies, there is not much to his character. He's a "blank-slate" for the audience to project themselves onto the story. Video games routinely use this feature to help with immersion.

Finally, the cinematography is beautiful, as is the musical score.

I give it a 7.5/10 all things considered.

Anyway, I get heated about this. I'm probably just a SW fanboy.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

One last jab at Vito: he is keen on criticizing Holdo's plan, and citing this as evidence that the movie sucked. But it's actually a pretty interesting story arc. The fact that people hate Holdo so much says to me that her character was well-executed.

Her not telling the crew about the plan brings out interesting questions about hierarchy, following protocol, and respecting one's superiors in times of seemingly immanent doom.

7:07 PM  

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