Friday, August 24, 2018

Approximately Three Cheers For Jeff Sessions

I don' t know enough about precedent, nor about the details of the situation, nor about Jeff Sessions (who has been credibly accused of racism in his youth...and non-credibly accused of it more recently) to give him three whole cheers...but he seems to be on the side of the angels right now.
   Lindsay Graham, not so much, unfortunately.
   This piece freaks me out in several ways, including: what is all this loyalty crap??? Do people really think this way? These are important jobs. Decisions about the future of the country can't be made on the basis of "personal loyalty". Jesus Christ.
   Also, what is all this bowing and scraping to the president? A lot of these senators speak as if they're subordinate to him. You're a damn co-equal branch of the gubmint! I asked once before how much respect one owes the president. Pete Mac said something like: Call him 'Mr. President' and stand up when he comes in the room. Which struck me as being in the vicinity of being right. (You'll notice that I no longer refer to the unindicted-co-conspirator-in-chief as "Trumpo the Clown." So I'm making at least some effort...) Anyway. I do agree that we respect the office even if not the man. But respect for the office does not demand submissiveness. In fact, it might prohibit it.
   Anyway: good on Sessions. And if Trump tries to fire him, the shit must hit the fan, mustn't it?


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