Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Friedersdorf: Trump Robbed Voters Of What They Deserved To Know

Agreed. (?)
Though can't that be said of any candidate that who isn't perfectly honest about matters of public interest? This is why I think that tu quoques can be valid in such cases. If it's the way everybody else does it, and the practice is tolerated, you can't use it as a specific criticism of one given candidate.
   OTOH, one might respond: things change once illegality is at issue.
   OTOOH, one might re-respond: what really matters here is the illegality, then. Just drop the "robbed them of information they deserved" point.
   Back on the first hand: there's some relevant difference in that we have something like a right to know about illegal actions.
   I'm not sure how that line of thought will ultimately play out. But anyway, I am inclined to agree with the claim that Trump's concealment of relevant information from voters is more than ordinary. There does seem to be some kind of difference between refusing to reveal his tax returns and this mess. Doesn't there?
   Anyway: impeachment fever: Catch it!


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