Thursday, August 23, 2018

Benjamin Schmidt: Students Cooled On The Humanities Because of False Beliefs About Average Earnings

Interesting and plausible.
Mid-career philosophy majors actually make more, on average, than mid-career business majors, incidentally.


Blogger Aa said...

Speaking of the humanities...

NK Jeminism winning her third Hugo in a row...the best part is at 4:30, but the rest sets the context. May it amuse you, inspire you, or annoy you...or any combination thereof.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just finished The Obelisk Gate. I love this trilogy so far.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mid-career philosophy majors actually make more, on average, than mid-career business majors, incidentally."

I bet this is more due to IQ differences between philosophy and business majors than it is to the pedagogical benefits of the majors themselves, though. (Not that I don't appreciate the subject, I'm a phil major after all, but IQ and conscientiousness are the strongest predictors of productivity generally, so we should expect them to dominate).

10:58 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I didn't have any particular reaction one way or another to Jemisin's speech. Haven't read her books, don't know her. If she really *has* faced such nastiness, I'm happy she can rub their faces in it. A lot of it sounded like boilerplate to me. I think that one should predict that a lot of ordinary hardship and assholerly will get re-interpreted as prejudice...but also that some of it's real. Did she really win 3 in a row? I don't follow it closely anymore because, well, social justice.

Overall, I'm with the Sad (but not Rabid) Puppies, and think it's obvious that social "justice" has taken over sci-fi. But maybe her stuff really is that good.

Anon 1,
I'm thinking about reading the first book just because of the overwhelming rave reviews...though it doesn't sound like my kinda thing.

Anon 2,
Yeah, I hadn't thought of it in exactly those terms, but was thinking, instead, that business tends to catch a huge number of students...many of whom have no particular academic aptitude or interest. Should have mentioned that, probably.

9:00 AM  

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