Saturday, August 04, 2018

Empirical Questions In The Jeong Dust-Up

Jeong and the NYT claim that Jeong's apparently racist tweets were responses to racist trolls; she was mimicking their style. know as well as I do that this defense would never be deemed valid by the left were it used by a white person. So...special pleading, yet again...
   But never mind that. Shove it to the side.
   What I'm interested in here his this: this is a question that can be empirically tested. If Jeong was responding to racist trolls, then show us the Twitter history--the twistory, if you will. Twitter's a public platform, and all that stuff is in a big list, yes? I don't know the proper terminology because Twitter is an absurd, pile of shit platform for hurling half-baked thoughts at each other...but you know what I mean.
   Anyway: show us the tweets.
   Show us the racist trolling that generated Jeong's responses in each case.
   Should be easy enough, no?
   Again, I don't think that the interesting issues here are about Jeong personally. But the semi-official progressive defense of Jeong starts with the "troll defense" claim. This is a testable claim. Cough up the evidence.
   Though, again: I seriously ask you to imagine those tweets produced by a white person, aimed at Asians or blacks, and imagine the White Devil in question pleading response to trolls. Just imagine how the left would respond to that.


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