Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Trump Just Drew His Own Uncrossable Red Line--And NK Crossed It Immediately

This is what happens when you speak loudly out of your big fat mouth and carry a big shtick in your wee little hands.
   Obama's red-line screw-up in Syria was--seems to me--basically nothing compared to this entirely unforced error. I knew that Trump had shot himself in the ass as soon as I actually heard what he'd said.
   Words matter, example #MMDCXVIII.
   How on earth can you be stupid enough to commit yourself to an all-out, possibly nuclear attack contingent upon any threat made by a country that spews out meaningless threats as a matter of course?
   This is a guy whose obviously never mastered the art of pre-fistfight jawing. The aim is to stay frosty while making your opponent lose his cool. And to make him say things he's hesitant to back up. Basically the worst thing you can do is to make threats that you simply cannot follow through with. It's not exactly negotiation...but I'd think that a "master negotiator" would be familiar with some of the basic concepts. But this is a guy who's never been in a fistfight (though he's probably beaten up some smaller kids in his youth, if tales are to be believed). He's also apparently a shit negotiator. Apparently his negotiations tend to take the form of telling less-powerful companies that he won't pay for the services he contracted for.
   Just wait until he says something this monumentally idiotic to China or Russia...won't that be fun?


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