Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Franklin Foer: On The Death Of The New Republic And The Influence of Silicone Valley On Journalism

Oh, TNR, I miss you every day.
Or...every two weeks, anyway, I guess.
   The (spiritual) death of TNR is independently interesting--but this story is particularly relevant because it argues that TNR became what it is (i.e.: just another knee-jerk "progressive" rubber stamp) because, basically, it was propped up by Silicone Valley, and infected with SV's intellectual and political biases (via Chris Hayes...who did seem to really try to keep it real...until money became an issue.)
   Here's the picture that has recently emerged:
(a) Silicone Valley, which was supposed to be a kind of world of brains, meritocracy, and libertarianism, has become a swamp of political correctness / "social justice" insanity.
(b) SV has infected much of the semi-mainstream, middlebrow media with those bad ideas.


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