Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Peter Thiel: What Is Multiculturalism Really About?

This is really good.
   Though I'd rather say: it (anti-Westernism) is one of the things multiculturalism is about.
   "Multiculturalism" was one of the main rallying cries of paleo-PC. I think there were good (though non-decisive) arguments to be made for bringing more non-Western stuff into the canon. Unfortunately, the arguments weren't really made--there was just a lot of shrieking and protesting and list-of-demands-issuing. So little rational discussion was really had. Of course there's no algorithm for making such decisions. I think we might reasonably have included more non-Westerns stuff, and might reasonably have stayed with what we had. Were I making the decision, I'd likely have opted to include a bit more non-Western stuff...though, of course, what actually happen is that many universities went overboard.
   Anyway, there were decent reasons for wanting to broaden the canon a bit...but there were also a lot of very bad reasons. And there's simply no doubt that one of the main motivations was anti-Westernism. There is a hard core of hatred of the West--and the U.S. in particular--on the left. If you ignore that fact you won't have a clear view of what motivates many of their crusades.


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