Saturday, August 05, 2017

Stuff Isn't Always Obvious

I have this theory that we tend to become caricatures of ourselves. I have another theory that I'm not an exception to general rules--though, unsurprisingly, I also have a theory that I'm wrong about that.
   This blog is just for blowing off steam. I don't generally write here about anything that I think is very complicated. Who wants to read that shit?
   Anyway, I only just realized that this probably gives the impression that I think that everything is easy / obvious. I don't think that at all. I just don't have anything much to say here about difficult stuff. I think that we'd be a whole lot better off if we'd just stop doing and believing the very stupidest things we do and believe. E.g.: don't fucking invade Iraq. Is that so hard? How hard was that? It wouldn't solve the problems of the world. It just wouldn't add a gigantic shitpile of a mistake on top of everything else. Don't allow universities to become megaphones for the dissemination of the worst that has been thought and said. How hard is that? How is it that academicians are such a sorry lot that they can't manage to claw their way up to believing things are at least minimally non-stupid? Honestly, how does the very most nonsensical nonsense become the most fashionable thought at the most fashionable schools? It doesn't exactly require genius to see through that claptrap. Don't elect the very worst candidate of like a zillion candidates running for President. Really? You can't elect, maybe, the second worst? Maybe even--and I know I'm verging on the Utopian here--the third? You gotta elect the very dumbest, ignorantest, shittiest one? You can't bring yourself to not do that
   Goddamn, America.
   I am disappoint.
   Anyway. Just because I bitch about the very dumbest things doesn't mean I think all the questions are easy. I think the main questions are really damn hard. I'm just easily pissed off by botching the easy ones. So that's what I write about here. Mostly so that JQ can have some peace and quiet and I'm not yelling about this BS around the house all the time like a crazy person.


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