Friday, August 04, 2017

By The End Of August, Trump Will Have Spent Three Times More Days Vacationing Than Obama

It's guaranteed that every time a Democratic President takes a day off, conservatives will start in with painfully stupid criticisms of the form Doesn't the U.S. have problems he should be attending to instead of vacationing?  This is, obviously, a matter of intellectual dishonesty more than a matter of stupidity. Half a second of reflection would reveal that no one can spend 24/7 on the job--no matter how important that job might be. This bullshit makes me crazy.
   Anyway, despite these moronic criticisms of both Clinton and Obama, both men took fewer vacations than Reagan, Bush '43, and Trump.
   This touches on a general problem: there's so much intellectual dishonesty on each side that, often, the only kind of response that can shut down partisan criticism is a direct comparison between Dems and Pubs. But I don't even feel like getting into that now.


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