Thursday, August 03, 2017

The Trumpian Boomerang Strikes Again: Immigration

Since I'd like us to aim to lower the population a bit someday--not necessarily a lot, and not necessarily immediately--and since that will almost certainly require lowering immigration rates, I think we ought to take proposals in the vicinity of this one seriously. (Though, in the short term, we have to worry about boomer retirement--so that's a complicating factor that points to kicking this particular can down the road a bit.)
   My guess is that this proposal is DOA, for all the obvious reasons, including left-wing craziness, right-wing craziness, distinctively Trumpian craziness...and the Trumpian boomerang effect that's mixed up with all that.
   IMO in this exchange Acosta had a point worth taking seriously...but was also kinda grandstanding / bullshitting. And Miller had some good points, but he failed to acknowledge the force in Acosta's point. Also: dude is just kinda sinister. (Some of us aren't going to forget that business about how "the powers of the President...will not be questioned.")
   This post story is blatantly slanted and not even half-assed trying not to be. Or am I wrong about that?
   My inclination is to think that there's an important truth about America contained in "The New Colossus," and that it should be uncontroversial that there's an idea there that must be preserved. However I think it should also be clear that unrestricted immigration is not a real option. My own inclination to aim at a smaller population is extremely controversial, and could easily be in error, of course.
   Anyway. My guess is that this is going to be yet another case of extreme boomerangage.


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