Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"Discredited, The Legend Of Mattress Girl Just Won't Go Away"; Also: NPR Sucks

The great Cathy Young at Reason.
   I heard this bullshit on NPR a week or so ago and started yelling in the car. Has NPR always been this biased? I try not to listen to it anymore because I know it's just going to piss me off. Many of the public radio talk shows barely make any effort to be objective, of course...but [ATC] is sneakier about it. Imagine how biased you have to be to interview Sulkowicz, refer to her as a rape victim, allow her to slander the target of her false accusations...and never even mention that the case is even controversial. (Actually it shouldn't be controversial: Nungesser is innocent. Sulkowicz is crazy and a liar.)
   Jeez, Fox News is stupid and infuriating...but at least, aside from a half-hearted gesture at a fig leaf ("Fair and Balanced"), they're fairly up-front about it...


Anonymous Critical Spirits said...

I know this might sound like a minor grievance-- and it pales in comparison to other similar cases-- but NPR gets something like 14% of its funding from federal appropriations, taxes, grants, and subsidies. This is not okay IMO.

Let individuals and private entities donate all they want, sure, but tax money should not be going to this progressive propaganda outlet

Am I being hyperbolic?

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least with Sulkowitz, they aren't threatening her for maintaining her boyfriend didn't sexually assault her.

So there is a sort of consistency, you believe the victim unconditionally, unless the victim claims she wasn't victimized, in which case make it clear she is incapable of judging for herself (the irony should be clear on that).

12:03 PM  

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