Friday, July 14, 2017

Trump Lawyer Threatens Critic

We don't know what happened here. Said critic may be an extreme asshat, and Pro Publica may be full of sh*t. But almost no matter what really happened, it isn't excusable for the president's lawyer o threaten someone in response to criticism, however laughable those threats might be. I do realize that people associated with the Tump administration are subjected to non-stop hysteria and harassment by the self-righteous paladins of the #RESISTANCE!!!$$$%%%7&(tm)... But that does come with the job now, apparently. As the Mystic was saying to me, you didn't see Obama or his staff cracking, and they were subjected to criticism that was even crazier, for much less reason. Imagine if Trump had to deal with birthers. He'd burst into flames or something.
   Anyway, Kasowitz has to go now, obviously.


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