Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"The Year Is 2017 And Witches Are Leading The Trump Resistance"

Well...you're half-right...
But as men like Trump use the term “witch hunt” to signify their victimhood, the real witches of America are emphasizing their feminine power—the better to put to use in the anti-Trump resistance.
   The night of the 2016 US election, at quarter past midnight, I sat in a living room with my friends—also known as my coven—as the reality of a Trump presidency began to sink in. Our overwhelming sense of dread and sadness was likely shared by groups of liberal friends in living rooms across the country. But we handled our grief a little differently.
   Before we finally fell asleep in a heap on the couch, exhausted by the evening’s events, we cast a circle and lit some candles. We gave thanks to the Goddess and asked for protection in the uncertain future that lay ahead. An electric sort of energy flowed through us as we held hands around the coffee table that doubled as an altar.
   Modern-day witches don’t necessarily sport pentagram necklaces or long, gauzy dresses. Very few wear pointy hats and dance in fields at midnight. Instead, modern witchcraft is all about claiming your personal power. And in this sense, witches are a natural answer to Trump’s brand of macho misogyny.
   “Many men don’t understand how seemingly inferior creatures can possibly out-think or out-strategize or outperform them,” Schiff says. “Some occult power must be to blame; ergo, the woman in question must be practicing sorcery. If you take sorcery out of the mix, you might have to concede that women were every bit equal to (if not superior to) men. I am not sure there is a powerful woman in history who has not at some point or other been accused of practicing dark arts.”
   Indeed, as my friend Anna Toonk, a “teacher of magical practices,” notes, witchcraft is inherently empowering for women because of its focus on the divine feminine—the idea that feminine energy is at the core of our universe and provides power to all beings, not just those who identify as women. Whether through tarot cards, reading star charts, or meditation, the daily practice of magic seeks to help people connect to the larger universe.
   “The best definition I’ve heard of a magic is ‘the ability to change your consciousness,’” Toonk says. “ I think a lot of what is appealing of identifying as a witch is it’s this way of claiming your own feminine magic.”
   And in Trump’s America, a whole lot of people are finding the resistance to be a good outlet for their magic. In the weeks and months following the election and, subsequently, the inauguration, groups of witches across America began joining forces to cast spells against the President. Under the “official” #BindTrump Facebook group, nearly 2,500 witches commune to cast spells to inhibit Trump’s policies from taking hold, most recently on the summer solstice.
Totally not making this up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was that article just the longest pun of all time?

12:14 AM  
Blogger The Mystic said...

I don't even know what she's talking about. Is magic a metaphor or not?


3:21 PM  

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