Monday, July 10, 2017

Dems To Run Left?

Most of this makes me less likely to vote Dem...though I do wish we'd return tax rates to something more reasonable. Seems to me that's less like redistribution and more like...just having a sane tax code... But that's more than a little weasely. Of course the real deal-breaker for me is the PC nonsense. If the Dems give in to the PC left, that's it for me. I might not vote Republican, but I certainly won't vote for the Dems if that happens. Of course, it's already kind of happening... 
   Contra Schumer, people do know what the Dems stand for...and that's part of the problem. Some of what they stand for is good, and some is bad. If they could up the former and dampen down the latter, well, electoral success should follow...


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