Sunday, July 09, 2017

C'Ville Klan Rally Update

So the damn Klan demonstrated peacefully.
   The anti-Klan protesters "derided the "Klan and the police in equal measure," used pepper spray (against the police?), and assembled unlawfully / refused to disperse. The police had to escort the lawful demonstrators--who were not all klansmen, in case that matters to us...and it shouldn't--back to their vehicles.
   Liberalism--actual liberalism--is in a very, very precarious position.


Blogger Aa said...

I don't find this surprising. The Westboro Baptist Church, a truly vile and loathsome group of people, had to be escorted from at least one picket from harassment. I'm too lazy to look it up on youtube. If memory serves, someone threw a rock and it broke a window on the van. I chalk this up to basic human behavior/nature.

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