Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mattis and the 6-Month Moratorium On Transgender "Accession" vs. The Trump Twitter Thing: There Went Our Last Opportunity For Rational Discussion

I'm having trouble figuring out what's going on.
This six month delay seems perfectly reasonable to me.
I was confusing this with Trump's Twitter it really possible that Trump just made up a policy and announced it via Twitter without consulting the Joint Chiefs et al.?

   I've long said that Trump is just going to fan the flames of political correctness. The GOP is going to get crushed in '18 and '20 (says me), and the fury of the progressive left will know no bounds. Mattis might have succeeded in gaining elbow room for something vaguely resembling rational discussion, at least in the military. Now, I'm afraid there's no hope for that.
   By seemingly making up policy on the spur of the moment and infuriating the left, I expect that Trump has now made rational discussion of this policy even less possible than it was before. Before, there was some small chance; now I fear there's none.
   Perhaps the only route now is to fall back to a general position encouraging that massive policy and social changes not be made without at least some small bit of rational discussion...though I expect that progressives will reject even that rather minimal proposition out of hand. (Of course what they'll say is: we have discussed it.)
   We now seem to have moved to a social phase in which, if you can successfully represent yourself as a sexual minority of some kind, none of your demands can be denied or even discussed critically.
   And, again, I say all this as someone who thinks that a more reasonable society would be much less hung up on appearance and modes of dress.


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