Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Liberals vs. Conservatives on Russiagate

My summary would be: liberals are outraged and think that there's obviously a large amount of dirty-dealing afoot--a cover-up is likely and collusion with the Russians is not unlikely. Conservatives are outraged because they think there is collusion between the Dems and the MSM to blow this all out of proportion and illegitimately bring down Trump.
   If we were to make these positions more fine-grained, we ought to be able to make some predictions from them. Then, when the facts are in in a year or ten, draw a conclusion about which side was less crazy and which side more so.


Blogger Darius Jedburgh said...

My impression is that things don't divide up at all cleanly, at least on the conservative side. Don't forget eg that James Comey voted Republican all his life. And the point there isn't so much what he believes as what he knows: it seems to have turned out that part of his public testimony before the Senate committee was trailing (some of) what's subsequently come out about Sessions.

I think plenty of people in intelligence, including many conservatives, think 'there's something going on' (to use the phrase Trump used when he was insinuating that Obama was secretly sympathetic to ISIS). Again, I think this is non-coincidentally connected with their being in a position to know. I'm also pretty sure Jennifer Rubin, Ross Douthat, Jack Goldsmith, and a bunch of former Bush people have zero confidence that there's nothing to it. It looks to me less like liberals vs conservatives than well-informed people vs gullible/ignorant Trump dead-enders.

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