Friday, January 13, 2017

Judge Jose Cabranes: If Colleges Keep Killing Academic Freedom, Civilization Will Die, Too

   We need to keep trying to get this point across.
   It's liberals who need to hear it--they're the ones who are seduced by the illiberal left, and who constitute its main source of influence. The illiberal/PC left probably isn't powerful enough to do the kind of damage it's doing on its own; if liberals stopped supporting/defending it, its power would be greatly diminished.
   OTOH, PC fades into liberalism...perhaps the middle-ground between the two is what "progressivism" is supposed to be. So the problem is, perhaps, not so much that good reason-and-freedom-loving liberals have just been fooled by the illiberal left... It is (I actually suspect) that a lot of liberals/progressives aren't really liberals--or not the freedom-and-reason-loving kind, if you prefer. They haven't been fooled...they actually agree that, e.g., disagreement with certain theories on the left is violence and is therefore impermissible. They, in general, care less about freedom of thought and expression and more about feelings of "offense."
   Cue articles in Salon and Slate arguing that PC doesn't exist/ is just good manners/ is what conservatives attack when they're mad because they can't drop n-bombs at well/ etc. etc...


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