Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Politifact Shows Its Bias: Sessions On (Illegal) Immigrants In The Military

   The left loves to tactically blur the legal/illegal distinction with respect to immigrants, and that's pretty clearly what Politifact is doing here. Sessions is pretty clearly talking about illegal "immigrants"*, so the proper rating would be mostly false...or can't tell, which is a rating they sorely need.
   I have a generally pretty high opinion of Politifact...but obvious crap like this is cause for concern.

*What a coup, incidentally, to have badgered everyone into calling illegal aliens "immigrants." I mean, I'm not entirely sure how bad illegal immigration is per se and within reason...but the left's relentless pressure on the rhetorical/terminological front really does pay dividends. They're pushing against 'illegal', of course, on the basis of completely nonsensical arguments, and also pushing for 'migrants'...because...y'know...those folks are just moving around...why get hung up on whether they're coming or going...? But this isn't relevant to the Sessions stuff.


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