Monday, August 01, 2016

Glenn Greenwald: Kinda An Idiot, But Kinda Right About Anti-Trump Media "Hysteria"

   I don't mean to deny that Greenwald has done some good journalism. But he is an idiot of the rabidly-anti-U.S. persuasion. Now, it's good to have dedicated critics. They teach us things. But valuable critics can be bad people. And, of course, when criticism becomes more-or-less unbridled hatred, it loses much of its value, becomes counterproductive, and so on.
   He's saying some true things here I think:
   OK, so, I am glad you asked about that because this is the conflict that I am currently having: The U.S. media is essentially 100 percent united, vehemently, against Trump, and preventing him from being elected president. I don’t have an actual problem with that because I share the premises on which it is based about why he poses such extreme dangers. But that doesn’t mean that as a journalist, or even just as a citizen, that I am willing to go along with any claim, no matter how fact-free, no matter how irrational, no matter how dangerous it could be, in order to bring Trump down.
   So, literally, the lead story in the New York Times today suggests, and other people have similarly suggested it, that Trump was literally putting in a request to Putin for the Russians to cyberattack the FBI, the United States government, or get Hillary Clinton’s emails. That is such unmitigated bullshit. What that was was an offhanded, trolling comment designed to make some kind of snide reference to the need to find Hillary’s emails. He wasn’t directing the Russians, in some genuine, literal way, to go on some cybermission to find Hillary’s emails. If he wanted to request the Russians to do that, why would he do it in some offhanded way in a press conference? It was a stupid, reckless comment that he made elevated into treason.
   You interviewed Chris [Hayes] about Brexit and I just want to submit to you that the mistake the U.K. media and U.K. elites made with Brexit is the exact same one that the U.S. media and U.S. elites are making about Trump. U.K. elites were uniform, uniform, in their contempt for the Brexit case, other than the right-wing Murdochian tabloids. They all sat on Twitter all day long, from the left to the right, and all reinforced each other about how smart and how sophisticated they were in scorning and [being snide] about UKIP and Boris Johnson and all of the Brexit leaders, and they were convinced that they had made their case. Everyone they were talking to—which is themselves—agreed with them. It was constant reinforcement, and anyone who raised even a peep of dissent or questioned the claims they were making was instantly castigated as somebody who was endangering the future of the U.K. because they were endorsing—or at least impeding—the effort to stop Brexit. This is what’s happening now.
   Then he goes on to say some other stuff I'm less sure about. But anyway.


Blogger The Mystic said...

There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is largely the retaliation of uneducated-but-not-stupid, conservative-by-default persons who are absolutely fed up with educated-but-stupid, liberal-by-default persons' arrogant-yet-factually-deficient condescension.

Greenwald is right on this one.

The uneducated-but-not-stupid right is tired of being told their awareness of distinctions between sex and race makes them stupid bigots. They're tired of liberal pansies who claim to have PTSD as a result of a disagreement while they and their friends are often the ones who have actually acquired PTSD from combat service overseas. In that same vein, they're tired of fighting a disgusting, barbaric enemy while being told that America is nothing but an oppressive colonizing force for evil.

These two sides in American politics are what end up wresting control from the center as they duke it out in what seems to be a very long culture war that has been going on since I've been alive. Whereas the '60s seemed to feature an American Left with conviction, organization, and many valuable causes, the '90s onwards seems to have featured a continually degrading American left which now threatens to become the party of microaggressions and pansified Lysenkoism.

And of course, as far back as the '60s, the right has believed the left to be a bunch of cowardly pansies. Where I think they had a genuine defense against that allegation in the '60s, I'm afraid I can't say much of the same for them now.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...


So many liberals seem to think that it's pure reason (plus, of course, their superior compassion and moral sense) that's led them to their current view. Conservatives are Neanderthals who still believe in superstitious notions like autonomy and self-reliance, and that having a penis makes you male, and so on... But the Very Most Advanced Thought has proven that every thing conservatives value is laughable! Ha ha!

And that, my lord, is how we know the world to be banana-shaped

11:10 AM  

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