Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Stupidest Thing You'll Read Today: "White People Need To Open Themselves Up To A Particular Type Of Wounding"

   This would be hilarious if it weren't so damn creepy and pathetic.
   It's all there..."white supremacy," "deconstruction," "privilege"...
   I mean should skim over this lunatic screed. Not only is it important to realize how utterly insane the SJW's / neo- PCs are becoming...but it'd also be good to keep this in mind. After the political correctness insanity of the '80's and '90's became public enough to be smacked down, liberals who had gone along with it claimed that, basically, it had never happened. Currently, as I've noted, we're seeing the "PC is just politeness" and "PC is just respectful language" memes being spread around. But this kind of lunatic jeremiad is nothing of the kind. How about this gem?:
At its core, our proposal is simple. White people need to open ourselves up to a particular type of wounding to genuinely understand and then work toward racial justice. Our comfort and privilege generally keeps us from incurring these wounds naturally, and thus they must be sought out, disseminated, and used to motivate action.
   That's not even the creepiest bit of this sophomoric, racist, lunatic manifesto. Of course the author, one Jesse Benn, isn't exactly calling for actual physical violence against whites... The "wounding" he's calling for--explicitly, anyway--is psychological/emotional. That's twisted enough...but one thing about these idiots is that they just keep looking for more and more radical things to say about how terrible "whiteness" is...hence they keep sidling right up to positions that suggest that, just maybe, something more overt and physical might be, y'know, a good idea... 
   As for the bizarre locutions and forms of argument...well, this is a paradigm example of someone who's been educated in something like an English department somewhere, in which the Continental Jumble of bad philosophy and pseudophilosophy reigns unchallenged. 
   And jebus...if these people are going to say 'deconstruct' all over the damn place, they at least need to learn that the term does not mean "take apart"...
   It's not that I think that these people are actually going to start shooting white people... That's not the point. The point is that this utter bullshit--part pseudointellectual tripe and part psychotic political extremism--is currently running free, almost entirely unopposed by liberals. At lest conservatives are calling bullshit on it...cold comfort, really... That will probably just prompt liberals to circle the wagons around this nonsense.
   And that's not even to engage with the content of this hogwash, such as it is... 


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